Chapter 115 - The Geniuses of the Golden List

The news that the Third Prince was teaching classes quickly spread throughout the city. Unexpectedly, the greatest reaction came not from the common folk, but the students in the higher ranks.

“Why is the Third Prince not teaching Martial Practitioners and Martial Teachers, but Martial Students that just entered the school? Isn’t this a waste of the Third Prince’s abilities?”

Mo Haoyuan, who was placed third on the Royal School’s Golden List, protested to Rong Zhisheng in the principal’s office.

As a student on the Golden List, Mo Haoyuan was entitled to request certain privileges from the school administration, within reasonable limits.

“That’s right! Principal, what do the brats who have just entered the school know? I heard that when the Third Prince was teaching them how to properly use their spiritual energy, they were unruly and raised a fuss about it. Why don’t you transfer the Third Prince to the Martial Teacher District? We too want to learn from him,” another lady added. This lady, garbed in a lake-green dress, was the fifth-ranked An Ningxi. She was also the first young mistress of Fengjing City’s An Family, and the object of adoration of many young men in the Xia Kingdom.

Rong Zhisheng felt a headache coming, as he saw the crowd of people outside his office. Among the ten people that were on the Golden List, there were seven who had come to protest. The other three were out on missions, but it was almost certain that if they were available, they too would be present.

Sighing, Rong Zhisheng turned his gaze towards Nie Sang, who was ranked first on the List. “Do you also feel that the Third Prince should be teaching you?”

Nie Sang did not look particularly imposing – in fact, he looked somewhat scholarly – but he was most certainly the first-ranked student in the Royal School at the moment. He was also a genius that Rong Yuan had recommended five years ago, and he managed to rise from a Level Nine Martial Student to a Martial Teacher within three short years. Last year, he reached the top of the Golden List rankings, and the short amount of time he took left people fully convinced of the Third Prince’s eye for talent.

“I’m fine with whatever,” Nie Sang replied, shrugging. “I’m just here to see the show.” As he laughed, the dimples on his youthful face could faintly be seen.

This brat! Rong Zhisheng felt his temper rising. He could still remember how Nie Sang looked when he first entered the school. Within a few years, he had grown from an innocent and adorable child into a troublemaker who had come to create a fuss.

Eyeing the other students, some of whom were legitimately anticipating his response and some others who were just here to join in the “fun”, Rong Zhisheng sighed. “Do all of you really think that I’ll be able to change the Third Prince’s mind?”

“Why not? Isn’t he your nephew? Isn’t he teaching in the Royal School as per your instructions?” Mo Haoyuan replied, sceptical of the principal’s words.

“Hmph, do you think he really cares about what I think?” Rong Zhisheng said, self-mockingly.

The moment he said that, he felt a few sympathetic gazes from the students. They knew that the last time he tried to invite the Third Prince to teach as a guest teacher, he had expended a huge amount of effort to no avail.

“So… the Third Prince is really teaching because of that girl?”

This question came from a man who had been standing quietly in a corner. His squinty, phoenix-like eyes opened slightly, and he gave off the impression of someone who was very cold and reticent.

Rong Zhisheng grimaced, answering, “Yes.”

Lowering one’s status, abusing his position for personal reasons, messing up the syllabus, this was all for the sake of wooing a woman. His nephew had used every method conceivable, and now it only remained to be seen if Gu Lingzhi would fall for it. Maybe… if he himself had disregarded his status and everything to chase the girl he liked, things might have been different today.

“Very well,” the man responded, and immediately turned to leave the office without giving anyone time to react.

“What’s up with Yan Liang?” Mo Haoyuan asked, looking around. Mo Haoyuan was confused as to Yan Liang’s behaviour, but he seemed upset.

“It seems like he is… jealous?” Another handsome guy dressed in a dark green robe chimed in, with a twinkle in his eyes. This was Di Huan, ranked seventh on the Golden List.

“Jealous?” Mo Haoyuan was surprised, not expecting this answer at all. “You mean to say… Yan Liang has that kind of thoughts about the Third Prince?”

Suddenly, Mo Haoyuan found himself at the centre of the commotion.

“Now that you mention it, I think I finally know why he refused me despite all my efforts to woo him,” An Ningxi murmured, with a hand on Mo Haoyuan’s shoulder.

Although the An Family was not as powerful as the four great clans, it could also be considered a powerhouse. Back when they first enrolled in the school, An Ningxi had been attracted to the handsome but reserved Yan Liang. Unfortunately, along with the unfeeling passage of time, two years had passed by with her making no progress with Yan Liang at all. She could only resign herself to fate.

Unexpectedly, listening to the sudden conjecture that Mo Haoyuan announced, she felt more at peace with herself. So, it turned out that it was not that Yan Liang did not find her attractive enough, but he did not even swing that way.

Rong Zhisheng could no longer put up with the people in front of him. Hurriedly, he chased the students away from his office.

“Okay, go, go, if you’ve got any problems, go straight to the Third Prince and try to change his mind if you can. Don’t look for me, I can’t do anything about it anyway.” Saying so, the principal shut and latched his office door, leaving the students outside staring at each other.

“Jingchen, do you think we should go look for the Third Prince?” Mo Haoyuan asked the person closest to himself, grabbing onto his sleeve.

Being suddenly grabbed, Lang Jingchen smacked Mo Haoyuan’s hand aside in annoyance. “Screw off, if you want to go, just go. I was only here to see the fun.”

Then, Lang Jingchen stalked off coldly.

“Lang Jingchen, stay right there!” Being spurned for no good reason, Mo Haoyuan was infuriated.

Lang Jingchen turned and taunted, “What, do you want to fight with me?”

“One hundred points, now, at the Martial Arena!” Mo Haoyuan angrily issued his challenge.

Lang Jingchen was also fuming with anger, and hearing Mo Haoyuan’s challenge, he smirked coldly. Both of them were on the Golden List, and they were confident fighting anyone except Nie Sang.

“What idiots! I can’t even understand how they managed to cultivate to this level!” Watching the two men rush off to the Martial Arena, An Ningxi could only shake her head and sigh, feeling contempt for the two of them.

“Indeed,” Di Huan agreed and nodded his head. “Knowing that Lang Jingchen is head over heels in love with Tianfeng Wei, he still asked him to look for the Third Prince together. Isn’t that just asking for trouble?”

Nonetheless, no matter what they said, they were still interested in spectating the match between Mo Haoyuan and Lang Jingchen. They quickly followed them to the Martial Arena.

Any match between members of the Golden List would affect the rankings of many on the list. Who knew if the rankings would change after today?

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