Chapter 113 - The Wilful Third Prince

Gu Lingzhi, who had been pointed out by the Third Prince, was sitting in the middle row against the wall, just how could he have started from her?

The other students shared the same thoughts as they looked at Rong Yuan’s hard-to-read expression. After her self-introduction, who was supposed to be the next one?

Those whose families had better information channels looked at the two people suspiciously. Gu Lingzhi had been recommended into the Royal School by the Third Prince. Now, the Third Prince had lowered his status and became a tutor here. It seemed to them that these occurrences were related to Gu Lingzhi. In that moment, Gu Linglong was jolted awake from her daydream and stared vehemently at Gu Lingzhi.

If it was not for Gu Lingzhi, then the Third Prince’s attention would have been on her, Gu Linglong!

“Is this student shy? Don’t worry, I don’t bite,” Rong Yuan spoke gently when he saw that Gu Lingzhi had sat there stunned without saying a single word. Gu Lingzhi’s eyes narrowed.

Her mouth twitched as she stood up reluctantly and introduced herself, “My name is Gu Lingzhi. I possess fire, water, and wood-based Spiritual Roots.”

After her simple self-introduction, Gu Lingzhi sat back down. Rong Yuan was dissatisfied and furrowed his brows. He felt that there was too little information provided. It could not help him progress further in his understanding of her.

“This student’s self-introduction is too short. You have to redo your self-introduction.” Seeing the look of confusion on Gu Lingzhi’s face, Rong Yuan laughed. He explained, “A self-introduction is not simply telling us your name and the Spiritual Roots you possess. In order for everyone to get along better, you should also talk about your hobbies and your strengths. Also, for example… your favorite food, snacks, so that we can understand you better.”

… Was there really a need for this? Gu Lingzhi suspected that Rong Yuan was doing this on purpose, but in this situation, she could not defy his instructions. Finally, she decided. “My hobbies are cultivating and refining pills.”

“…That’s it?”


Hearing this, the Third Prince’s expression became one of displeasure. He had wanted to use the opportunity to find out more about Gu Lingzhi, but she stubbornly refused to give in even an inch. Helpless, he pointed to the next student seated in the left of the front row, instructing, “Okay, it’s your turn. Introduce yourself.”

“Huh? Oh, right,” the student was dazed for a moment, but quickly got up and announced loudly. Knowing that chances to introduce oneself to the Third Prince were hard to come by, and that a detailed introduction like this was even rarer, the youth was eager for this chance.

“I’m called Bu Zhongping, and I’m a Level Six Martial Student with dual fire and water-based Spiritual Roots. My hobbies are…”

“Alright, next!” Not interested in Bu Zhongping in the least, Rong Yuan quickly cut him off.

Who cared what this fellow liked or disliked? It was immediately apparent that the Third Prince was only interested in Gu Lingzhi.

Those who could enroll in the Royal School were all talented. From Rong Yuan’s attitude, they could tell that he did not care about everyone else. Thus, the subsequent introductions were all simple, with everyone simply reporting their name, level, and Spiritual Roots. Only Gu Linglong still looked shyly at the Third Prince when it came to her turn, giving a lengthy introduction of all her hobbies and strengths. Listening to her, Rong Yuan resisted the urge to throw her out of the classroom.

The self-introductions of the class of thirty people were over in less than ten minutes.

“Okay, now that everyone knows each other, we shall begin.” Knocking his fist lightly on the table, Rong Yuan suddenly became more serious.

“Today, we will be learning about the fire attribute, its characteristics and methods. Those without fire-based Spiritual Roots, you are welcome to leave if you want.”

Fire attribute? The syllabus was normally taught in this order - metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Being the first day of school today, the class should have been about the metal attribute.

One female student who possessed metal but not fire-based Spiritual Roots raised her hand hesitantly. Under Rong Yuan’s gaze, she nervously stood up and stammered, “Um… Your Highness, isn’t today’s lesson supposed to be about the metal attribute and its methods?”

“Nope,” Rong Yuan replied without any hesitation or guilt.

“Since I have been appointed as your tutor, I have the right to decide what I want to teach. If you would like to learn about the metal attribute, you may go to the class next door. I recall that there are two other classes on the metal attribute today.”

The principal of the Royal School, Rong Zhisheng, who was standing outside to observe Rong Yuan’s first lesson, nearly choked on his saliva when he heard Rong Yuan’s words.

Why did he even believe that this brat would properly teach his lessons? Right from the get-go, he was already messing around with the syllabus. Was the curriculum something he could change on a whim? However, just as Rong Zhisheng was about to barge into the class, he was stopped by Mu Yang.

“Let him do as he pleases, Rong Yuan isn’t someone who neglects the important things. It won’t affect the students’ learning.”

Rong Zhisheng frowned, “You’re not wrong, but the syllabus was already planned well in advance. If he changes it at the last minute like this, he’ll affect the other teachers’ classes!”

“No, it won’t matter.” Mu Yang chuckled, and his eyes shone with a mischievous light. “Remember that Rong Yuan is one of those rare people who have four Spiritual Roots. Even if he disrupts the pace of the other teachers’ lessons, he can easily make up for it.”

Rong Zhisheng’s eyes lit up when he heard that. That’s right, how could he forget that? Rong Yuan was famous throughout the kingdom, and he was talented in manipulating spiritual energy and Martial Skills was well known. It was the students’ fortune if Rong Yuan would stay and teach more classes.

“Excellent. As always, you are a genius.”

Mu Yang smiled at the praise, and his eyes shone with delight as he continued observing the class. Being able to get the carefree and unfettered Third Prince to teach at the Royal School, it was clear that the First Mistress of the Gu Clan exerted a great influence over him.

There were rumors about a masked lady known as the Black Thorn who appeared in the Town of the Brave recently. According to those rumors, Rong Yuan was being led around the nose by her. Mu Yang believed that Rong Yuan was not a frivolous person, so he was really curious what the relationship between Rong Yuan and the Black Thorn was. If it turned out that the Black Thorn was really Gu Lingzhi in disguise, the Xia Kingdom’s martial scene would change drastically.

Seeing a huge number of students without fire-attribute Spiritual Roots standing up to leave, Mu Yang and Rong Zhisheng disappeared without a trace.

Yet, detecting some fluctuations of spiritual energy in the air, Rong Yuan’s eyebrow twitched. Nonetheless, he proceeded to lead the remaining students out of the class, towards the Red Leaf Hill’s outer regions.

Amongst all the teachers in the school, only Rong Yuan would dare to bring his students out for live training against real beasts on the first day of classes.

Glancing at the looks of excitement amongst her classmates, Gu Lingzhi secretly shook her head as she imagined a scene of them running all over the place in panic, being chased by beasts.

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