Chapter 110 - Exposed

“Oh, that’s good,” Lin Yue-er replied although she still seemed disturbed.

How could this child of a slut arrive before her child? Could it be that something happened on the way?

Although Gu Rong did not say anything, his eyes were filled with worry as he looked in the direction of the Red Leaf Hill. He kept on hoping that the next person to emerge would be Gu Linglong.

Gu Lingzhi waited patiently, keeping her Recording Crystal with her. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to wait for Gu Linglong to come back before passing the Crystal to Gu Rong in front of her?

With less than fifteen minutes to the end of the examination, Gu Linglong finally appeared.

She no longer looked as fresh as she did when she entered the mountain and with her injury, it was harder for her to deal with the demon beasts. If not for her determination to not let Gu Lingzhi have a chance to look down on her, she would have long given up.

Once she stepped into the back door of the Royal School, her whole body slackened. Luckily, Lin Yue-er managed to catch her as Gu Linglong fell into her arms. Lin Yue-er felt sorry for her daughter as she looked at Gu Linglong panting heavily.

“My dear daughter, how did you become so exhausted? Let me see if you are injured anywhere.” Lin Yue-er felt her daughter’s pain. She immediately shoved a few Healing Spiritual Medicine into her mouth, hoping to increase her spiritual energy and helping her to heal faster.

Gu Rong looked at her worriedly as he asked gently, “Linglong, are you hurt anywhere? Do you need help?”

Hearing Gu Rong’s voice, Gu Linglong’s body tensed as she looked carefully at his expression. Upon seeing that Gu Rong was acting normally, she started to relax. However, as she glanced at Gu Lingzhi by the side, she was alarmed once again.

She did not know if the Recording Crystal had been passed to Gu Rong.

Feeling Gu Linglong’s gaze on her, Gu Lingzhi grinned. As Gu Linglong’s eyes widened, Gu Lingzhi took her time to grab the Recording Crystal out of her Storage Ring and waved it in front of her. As if she could change a mask, her face did a complete change to reflect a hurt expression as she walked to Gu Rong’s side. Biting her lip, she claimed, “Father, I have something to show you.”

“What is it? Let’s talk later, can’t you see that your sister is injured?”

Sweat beads started rolling down Gu Linglong’s forehead out of fear. Gu Rong however, mistook this as Gu Linglong sweating due to the pain she felt, and was extremely curt to Gu Lingzhi.

“Father,” Gu Lingzhi inhaled deeply and continued holding the Recording Crystal in front of Gu Rong. “Don’t you want to know why little sister took so long to come out? The answer is in here.”

“Don’t look!” Knowing what it contained, Gu Linglong did not think twice before pouncing onto Gu Lingzhi.

“Give it to me!”

Gu Lingzhi shifted her body slightly, dodging Gu Linglong and continued on her way to Gu Rong.

“Father, seeing how agitated Gu Linglong is, don’t you want to know what is recorded inside?”

“Mother, quickly snatch it!” Gu Linglong quickly asked her mother for help after failing to get it. She wanted Lin Yue-er to help her destroy it as once it is destroyed, no one will ever know what happened.

“Lingzhi, what are you holding? Quick, return it to your sister.” Although she was not sure why Gu Linglong was so agitated, Lin Yue-er opened her mouth to ask for the item from Gu Lingzhi.

Return it? Gu Lingzhi almost choked. Lin Yue-er really had a way with words. In two sentences, she had turned her item into Gu Linglong’s. Did Lin Yue-er really think that she was a pushover?

Seeing the confused look on Gu Rong’s face, Gu Lingzhi gave Ye Fei a look. Ye Fei caught on quickly and immediately defended Gu Lingzhi, “Madam Gu, you are wrong about this. This was clearly taken out of Lingzhi’s Storage Ring, how could you say it as if it belonged to Gu Linglong? Isn’t your favoritism a little too obvious? As a leader, I am sure Clan Leader Gu will not be as biased as you. Am I right, Uncle Gu?”

The second Ye Fei opened her mouth, everyone’s attention was drawn to the commotion that was happening. Even if Gu Rong had wanted to be biased to Gu Linglong, he was no longer able to and could only frown and say, “What on earth is that? My dear wife, if Linglong likes it, let’s just buy one for her, there is no need to fight with Lingzhi.”

“That’s right, as the Second Mistress of the Gu Clan, how can you not afford to buy a simple Recording Crystal?”

Earlier that morning, Ye Fei had noticed the Crystal hanging around Gu Lingzhi’s waist and asked her about it. Seeing the anxious look on Gu Linglong’s face now, she knew that it had definitely recorded something interesting. How could she let Gu Linglong snatch it away?

“A Recording Crystal?” Gu Rong’s gaze danced suspiciously between the two sisters, “Linglong, why would you want this?”

Gu Lingzhi stuck out her hand and said knowingly, “It is most likely because she is afraid of what you will see in it.”

She then directed a small amount of spiritual energy into the crystal, activating the screening ability of the Recording Crystal. In a moment, the figures of Gu Lingzhi and Gu Linglong appeared. As it had already been played once, the video was no longer as clear but was sufficient for people to recognise them.

Gu Rong looked curiously at the content until he saw Gu Lingzhi rescue Gu Linglong only to be pushed into the trap by Gu Linglong. When he saw that, his expression immediately changed. He immediately took the RecordingCrystal out of Gu Lingzhi’s hands and kept it in his own Storage Ring. His eyes darted around him.

As Gu Lingzhi had orientated the screen to face Gu Rong, others were not able to see its contents. However, seeing how Gu Rong’s face turned black so quickly, they knew there was something incriminating inside and started to make wild guesses.

Knowing that she had reached her motive, Gu Lingzhi allowed Gu Rong to keep her Recording Crystal as she put on a hurt and extremely distressed expression. After taking a few deep breaths, she spoke softly, “Father, I know that Linglong has never liked me but I never thought that it was to this extent. With regard to what I promised you earlier, I think she will not let me take care of her either way.”

Gu Lingzhi then ran towards her own dorm without a single glance backwards. To others, it seemed like she had ran to hide her tears.

Ye Fei and the two others exchanged glances as they forced themselves to hold back their laughter. As they chased after her, Ye Fei and Qin Xinran did not forget to shout out, “Lingzhi, don’t cry! You still have us.”

It was not until the four of them disappeared from sight did Gu Rong finally respond. His eyes were filled with disappointment as he looked at Gu Linglong’s anxious face. Looking at Lin Yue-er, he shouted, “What a good daughter you have brought up!”

He then turned and left, leaving behind a clueless audience who started making wild guesses and a frantic Gu Linglong.

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