Chapter 109 - Arriving

Just as the murderous rage built up in Gu Linglong, Gu Lingzhi who had been watching her closely immediately realised. Her eyes turned into smiles as she laughed, “On account of our sisterhood, how about I give you the Recording Crystal in exchange for you releasing me? This way, no one will know what you did to me.”

Gu Linglong hesitated as she started to wonder how much she could trust Gu Lingzhi. A few seconds passed before she sneered, “There are only two of us now, if I kill you, no one will know.”

“Tsk, you sure are stupid.” As Gu Linglong stepped forward with the intention to kill, Gu Lingzhi sighed, “Why do you think Teacher Jiang Xian said those words before the test?

Gu Linglong hesitated before Gu Lingzhi continued, “It is because there are Recording Crystals placed in every part of the forest. This is to prevent students from using unscrupulous means to obtain beads.”

Gu Linglong was stunned, “You are lying!”

“It is up to you to believe me or not.” Gu Lingzhi acted nonchalantly, “If you kill me, the school will not just let you go. I just don’t know if father will continue protecting you after seeing what you did to me in the Recording Crystal.”

“You…” Gu Linglong stood rooted to the spot as she looked torn. She did not dare to gamble against whether what Gu Lingzhi said was true. However, she was unwilling to just let Gu Lingzhi go at this point. Gu Lingzhi’s words had undoubtedly triggered her.

She was not sure about what Gu Lingzhi’s mother had done, but she was well aware of the fact that her mother had ordered Gu Lingzhi to be killed. It was because of this that she wanted to kill Gu Lingzhi to shut her up. Now that Gu Lingzhi told her that the entire area was filled with Recording Crystals, if it was true, then she would…

Just as Gu Linglong was struggling with her decision, Gu Lingzhi stealthily retrieved a medicinal fluid from her Storage Ring.

This medicinal fluid was extremely corrosive against plants. She had purposely prepared this in case she was trapped in situations like this, but she never thought that she would actually get the chance to use it.

A rose-coloured liquid dripped onto the vines. As soon as the liquid touched the vines, the vines started to rot and retreat back onto the ground. In a moment, most of the vines that were binding Gu Lingzhi had rotted.

As she was about to be freed, Gu Lingzhi laughed. Directing spiritual energy into her two arms, she pushed hard causing the remaining vines to tear, regaining her freedom.

“What just happened?” Gu Linglong suddenly regained her composure as she looked at Gu Lingzhi. Her face suddenly turned black.

“You wasted my time on purpose!”

“That’s right, I guess you are not as stupid as you seem.” Gu Lingzhi laughed lightly.

If she had not distracted Gu Linglong, how could she break out of the trap easily? An ice-piercing cold filled Gu Lingzhi’s eyes as she glared at Gu Linglong.

When Lin Yue-er set her mother up, Gu Linglong had yet to be born and thus, Gu Lingzhi would not place this debt on Gu Linglong. The only reason why she had said this earlier was to give Gu Linglong a chance to make a decision. However, when Gu Linglong heard that there was a possibility of her mother causing Gu Lingzhi’s mother’s death, she did not even waver. All she thought of was how she wanted to murder Gu Lingzhi in order to shut her up. Therefore, there was no need for Gu Lingzhi to show mercy. After all…Gu Linglong had never treated her as family!

“You, what are you trying to do? I am a Level Six Martial Student, so what if you can escape? You will not be able to beat me.” Sensing the murderous intentions of Gu Lingzhi, Gu Linglong started to shake. She held up her sword as an attempt to scare her off.

She did not understand why she felt threatened although she was supposedly two levels stronger than Gu Lingzhi. She felt as if her life was in Gu Lingzhi’s hands and could be taken away at any time.

“What are you scared of?” Finding her attempt to seem scary a joke, Gu Lingzhi decided to back off a little. This was still not the time for her to take her revenge. Like a predator, she wanted to slowly devour her prey.

“I am not as stupid as you, so I will not do anything here,” Gu Lingzhi swiped the dirt off her body as she walked past Gu Linglong. In a low voice, she whispered, “Hopefully, when Father sees the contents of the Recording Crystal, he will still dote on you like before.”

Anxiety rose in Gu Linglong as her eyes turned bloodshot, “You are despicable! Leave the Recording Crystal behind!”

Following that, the sword in Gu Linglong’s hands shot out, aiming for Gu Lingzhi’s arm. She wanted to cut off Gu Lingzhi’s arm that held the Storage Ring and steal it for herself.

“You fool!” Gu Lingzhi’s eyes flashed. Without even glancing backwards, she kicked out towards her back, avoiding the sword completely and hitting Gu Linglong directly.

“Crack!” A loud sound of bones cracking resonated in the air as Gu Linglong’s body flew backwards, falling dejectedly onto the ground.

“There is only four more hours to the end of the test, my dear sister, I hope I will see you at the finish line. I’m actually excited to study in the same school as you.” Gu Lingzhi then headed to the back of the school eagerly.

The long delay made Ye Fei and the rest who were waiting at the back door extremely anxious.

After two more hours, Gu Lingzhi successfully obtained ten beads and reached the back door of the Royal School. There were already quite a number of students resting there.

They were certainly students worthy of entering the Royal School.

“There’s still two hours left, I win.” Tianfeng Jin stated simply as Gu Lingzhi arrived, looking very pleased with herself.

Before Gu Lingzhi could figure out what she meant, Ye Fei and Qin Xinran wore looks of indignance as they took out a bunch of spirit stones and handed them over to Tianfeng Jin.

Ye Fei grumbled to Gu Lingzhi, “Lingzhi, you have disappointed me, why have you only just arrived? I betted on you reaching in the first six hours of the test.”

“I betted on seven hours,” Qin Xinran added. She looked Gu Lingzhi with wronged eyes as if to accuse Gu Lingzhi for coming late. With her abilities, she should have reached way earlier.

“Hehe… there was an accident,” Gu Lingzhi explained guiltily under the accusing looks she received. Only after speaking did she realise something was off… why should she feel guilty? Shouldn’t they be the ones feeling guilty for betting on her?

“Lingzhi, where is Linglong? Did you see her?” Without waiting for Gu Lingzhi to catch up with her three friends, Lin Yue-er’s concerned voice drifted over.

“She’s behind, she should be able to reach before the time is up.” When she kicked Gu Linglong, she had made sure to hold back her strength. With Gu Linglong’s abilities, if she did not bother creating trouble for anyone else, she would be able to make it back before the test ended.

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