Chapter 108 - Setting a Trap

“What did I do?” Gu Lingzhi could not help but laugh at the ludicrousness of Gu Linglong.

“I remember reminding you that it was dangerous before you came over. You were the one that didn’t watch where you were going and stepped into the trap. How can you blame me for this? Also… you were the one that insisted on coming here, I did not beg you to come over, did I?”

“I…” Gu Linglong’s mouth opened and closed a few times, knowing that she was the one that was being unreasonable. However, with her stubborn personality, there was no way that she was going to admit to it. She then demanded, “I don’t care if you did it intentionally or not, you must help me out of here. If not, I will tell Father that you lured me into the trap. Let’s see if Father chooses to believe you or me.”

There was hardly any competition as one was his favourite daughter and the other was just a chess piece to him. Gu Lingzhi sneered as she knew clearly who Gu Rong would choose. Looking down, she glanced at the unnoticeable pendant hanging at her waist and a smile grew on her face.

Although she had wanted to ignore Gu Linglong, Gu Linglong repeatedly tried to threaten her. If she did not give her a taste of her own medicine, would Gu Linglong really think she was a pushover?

Gu Lingzhi gave a bland smile, “Little sister, there is no need to threaten me. I won’t leave you here even though I’m always being bullied by you. I will rescue you right now.”

Gu Lingzhi then dug through the vines that kept Gu Linglong entangled, trying to find the vine that was holding onto her. Eventually, she found a vine that was a darker green in colour. She then pressed gently on the root of the vine and the vine holding Gu Linglong slowly loosened.

The Red Leaf Hill was now filled with numerous obstacles and although it was possible to get out of the traps through brute force, it would require a significant amount of energy. This may lead to the later journey becoming more dangerous.

It was actually rather simple to decipher the traps. However, the students that wanted to enter the Royal School were all very proud and arrogant. They were not like Gu Lingzhi, who patiently and meticulously looked to find ways to get around each trap.

As the vines loosened, Gu Linglong was finally free. The first thing she did was to straighten up her clothes in order to look more presentable.

Gu Lingzhi’s eye twitched as she saw this but turned away to leave without saying another word. Just as she turned, Gu Linglong who was busy grooming herself, suddenly looked up. She smiled a sly smile as she shot a blue ball of water at Gu Lingzhi.

“Little sister, what are you…” Before she could complete her sentence, Gu Linglong kicked her back causing her to stumble right into the trap.

The trap that Gu Linglong was in just a minute ago started to move once again, binding tightly around Gu Lingzhi and dragging her towards the tree.

“Who’s your little sister? I don’t have a dumb sister like you,” Gu Linglong sneered as she looked gleefully at Gu Lingzhi who was binded tightly.

“A talent that was personally selected and recommended by the Third Prince? Everyone thinks that you were talented in the past semester, but what do you think will happen if they discovered that you weren’t even able to pass the entrance examination? Do you think the Third Prince will still think you are talented?”

Until now, Gu Linglong had always felt that if it was not for Gu Lingzhi, she would have been the one that the Third Prince would have recommended to enter the Royal School. She would also not have let the Third Prince fall for someone like the Black Thorn. Everything was Gu Lingzhi’s fault. Gu Lingzhi made her lose her place in the Royal School and jeopardized her friendship with the Third Prince.

Gu Lingzhi stared coldly at Gu Linglong as if she was looking at a clown.

“Do you think you can stop me just by this trap?”

“Of course notm” Gu Linglong was at least smarter than that.

“Before I came, Father prepared many things for me in order to help me pass the test. One of the items is a Spiritual Medicine that would cause someone to temporarily lose their spiritual energy. The medicine will be effective for two hours and is enough to make sure that you will not be able to reach the back door before the test ends.”

Gu Linglong then smiled smugly. Although there were over a hundred people participating in the second round of tests, but the Red Leaf Hill was so big and everyone had spread out the minute they entered. She only dared to do this as she knew there was no one nearby.

“Oh? Then I am really unlucky.” Although these were the words that left her mouth, Gu Lingzhi’s expression did not give off any hint of dejection. On the contrary, she looked tauntingly at Gu Linglong.

“What are you laughing at? I will see if you still can laugh when you are humiliated in front of the entire school.” Gu Linglong then retrieved a Spiritual Medicine out of her Storage Ring and tried to force it down Gu Lingzhi.

“Wait,” Gu Lingzhi called out stopping Gu Linglong in her tracks.

“Why? Want to beg me?” Gu Linglong laughed coldly, “It is too late to be scared.”

Gu Lingzhi breathed out as she looked at Gu Linglong pitifully, “I gave you a chance before but you did not treasure it.”

“What do you mean?” Gu Linglong was startled, finding something fishy about Gu Lingzhi’s response.

Gu Lingzhi did not reply but instead used one of her hands, which was still able to move, to grab the pendant that was tied to her waist. She waved it at Gu Linglong and laughed, “Little sister, do you know what a Recording Crystal is?”

Gu Lingzhi then directed a small amount of spiritual energy into the crystal and the scene from before immediately appeared on the surface of the crystal. The conversation between the two of them played back perfectly.

“How dare you!” Gu Linglong was shocked as she pounced at Gu Lingzhi, attempting to snatch the crystal.

Before she could reach Gu Lingzhi, Gu Lingzhi twisted her hand and threw the crystal into her Storage Ring. Now that it was in her Storage Ring, no one could retrieve it unless they killed her.

“Gu Lingzhi, you are despicable!” Gu Linglong was about to go crazy. She had never thought that Gu Lingzhi would bring a Recording Crystal with her. If anyone were to find out how she set Gu Lingzhi up, it would be impossible for her to enter the Royal School to study. Not only that, her reputation would be ruined. Who would dare to hang out with someone who set her own sister up?

“I am despicable?” Gu Lingzhi laughed, “No matter how despicable I am, I will never be able to beat you and your mother!”

Thinking of her mother who had died a wrongful death, she had an urge to kill Gu Linglong.

“What do you mean? How is my mother despicable?”

“You can ask your mother what I mean - how she set my mother up and caused her to be labelled as a slut. Also… you can ask her why I was attacked on my way back to the capital. Do you really not know anything about all these?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything!” Gu Linglong fervently protested. She would not admit anything even if she had truly known about it. The look she gave Gu Lingzhi became murderous.

There were only two of them here, if she just killed Gu Lingzhi here, then no one would find out about what she did.

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