Chapter 102 - Gu Rong’s Solicitation

“Didn’t you say you wanted to go back to forge some weapons? Let’s go then,” Rong Yuan’s voice suddenly sounded in her ears and pulled her gaze back.

“Alright, let’s go.”

She stopped bothering with the family of three and walked towards the Yelai Inn. She missed the gloomy expression that was on Rong Yuan’s face momentarily.

He could overlook how they had treated her in the past. However, even now, when Gu Lingzhi was under his protection, they were still insulting her. In his heart, he was already secretly thinking of various methods to teach them a lesson without hurting the foundation of the Gu Clan. Yet, he plastered a gentle smile on his face.

“Lady Black Thorn, what do you feel like eating tonight? I heard that the Bright Silk Eating House has come up with a few new dishes, shall we go and try?”

“I’m not interested.” She had just heard herself being insulted behind her back. How could she be in the mood to eat?

Rong Yuan raised his brows, “Then I’ll get Yuan Zheng to buy it and bring it back.”

Yuan Zheng was speechless. He was a Martial Lord, yet he was relegated to being a delivery man.

When they returned to the inn, Gu Lingzhi frowned.

Originally, she had thought that she would be able to keep up the identity of Black Thorn up until school reopened. However, the appearance of Gu Rong and the others had disrupted her plans. At the same time, she realised that she had less than half a month left until school reopened.

Meeting up with Gu Rong was easy, all she had to do was to go to the Gu Clan’s residence in the capital. What troubled hoer now was how to get rid of Rong Yuan.

Ever since the attack that night, Rong Yuan stuck to her like glue. No matter where she went, Rong Yuan would definitely be by her side. Getting rid of him quickly and quietly would be difficult.

The next few days passed. Gu Lingzhi went to the Town of the Brave to battle in the day and forged weapons at night. Without fail, she won all of her matches. Gu Lingzhi had already won 63 consecutive matches. Most Level Nine Martial Students could not achieve such a feat.

The moment this rumor spread, the attention was no longer focused on the Third Prince who constantly hung out around her, but on her abilities.

It must be known that Gu Lingzhi was currently only a Level Six Martial Student. In the entire Town of the Brave, she had one of the lowest cultivation levels. In the past, someone of the same level as Gu Lingzhi could only become a stepping stone for people of higher ranks even if they were from the Royal School.

However, Gu Lingzhi, with her Level Six Martial Student rank, could be compared with the best Martial Students of a higher Level.

Without a doubt, she was one of the best. From another perspective, the competition in the Town of the Brave reflected the standard of the participating Martial Artists.

For example, even Rong Yuan, with his identity as the Third Prince, would still participate in matches occasionally. What more the other talented Martial Artists?

Gradually, there were a few powerful people who tried to withstand the Third Prince’s glares so that they could make connections with Gu Lingzhi. In the end, they were all chased away by him.

Gu Lingzhi never thought that the opportunity to get rid of Rong Yuan would be provided by Gu Linglong.

It was said that not long after Gu Rong arrived at the capital and looked for news of Gu Lingzhi without success, he heard about the Black Thorn, a dark horse that had appeared in the Town of the Brave. The Black Thorn was an undisputed genius who possessed three Spiritual Roots – gold, fire and water – and with the cultivation level of a Level Six Martial Student, was able to defeat countless Level Nine Martial Students from the Royal School.

Out of curiosity, Gu Rong brought Gu Linglong to see one of the Black Thorn’s battles. He realized that whether it were the techniques or battle sense, they were all extraordinary. She even had an unknown relationship with the Third Prince. This raised the idea of solicitation in Gu Rong.

Just as the Third Prince was leaving, Gu Rong went up to him with a face full of smiles. “This lady, I am Gu Rong, the head of the Gu Clan. Would you be interested in joining my Gu Clan? With your talent, I can guarantee that my Gu Clan will definitely treat you well.”

Upon his words, Gu Lingzhi’s face under her mask was perplexed.

As the big mistress of the Gu Clan, she was unable to get Gu Rong’s attention no matter how hard she tried. Yet, ironically, after changing her identity, he actually put her in high regard. Gu Lingzhi rejected him coldly.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Clan Leader Gu. However, I have no intention of joining any clans at the moment.”

“Aren’t you just an ugly person who doesn’t dare to show your face? What is there to be haughty about?” Gu Linglong mocked coldly. She did not have a good impression of the Black Thorn because she had become the talk of the city.

“You really think that just by being involved with the Third Prince, you’ll be able to enter the Royal Family? Think of your identity and status. The Third Prince merely finds you interesting and is just playing around. My father scouted you because he thought highly of you. There won’t be another chance as good as this once you reject it.”

“Oh? What’s your status then, since you seem to think that you can interfere with the affairs of the Royal Family?” Rong Yuan interjected, without waiting for any response from Gu Lingzhi or Gu Rong. The look he gave Gu Linglong was freezing cold.

This damned woman. He left for but a moment, yet she dared to try and flaunt her status in front of Gu Lingzhi. She even dared to insinuate that he was fickle-minded. What if Gu Lingzhi believed her words?

“Your… Your Highness,” Gu Linglong did not think that Rong Yuan would come back so quickly. She pouted pitifully and looked sadly at him, “Third Prince, no one knows where this woman is from. What if she is a spy sent by another Kingdom? I’m just concerned for you.”

“Concerned for me?” Rong Yuan laughed coldly, “I think you’re just stuck in your daydream. Even if she really was a spy sent by another Kingdom, as long as I, Rong Yuan, like her, it’s completely up to me to pamper her.”

Not to mention, Gu Lingzhi was not a spy anyway.

Gu Linglong’s face paled in an instant. She could not believe that Rong Yuan would admit his feelings and intentions for Gu Lingzhi.

“Your Highness… How could you be so fierce towards me? Have you forgotten about the good times that we had together in Tai-an City?”

When he heard that, Rong Yuan’s scowled and his gaze became even colder, “Good times? Lady Gu, you should be careful of what you say lest you draw unwanted attention to yourself.”

Rong Yuan quickly turned towards Gu Lingzhi to explain. He did not care further about Gu Linglong and ignored Gu Rong’s face that had darkened significantly. “Lady Black Thorn, don’t listen to her nonsense. I have nothing to do with her. Back when I was in Tai-an City, she was the one who kept coming up to me. I didn’t chase her away harshly so that I wouldn’t embarrass the Gu Clan Leader. I never imagined that she would misunderstand me so much and say such things. You cannot believe her nonsense and misunderstand me.”

Gu Linglong had never seen Rong Yuan speak with such urgency in his tone and carefulness in his expression before.

To be more accurate, nobody had ever seen Rong Yuan with such an expression before. Seeing this expression, a girl hidden in the shadows clenched her hands tightly and revealed a cruel smile.

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