The 9th Class Swordmaster: Blade of Truth

The 9th Class Swordmaster: Blade of Truth

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Lee Hyun Suk (이형석)
Swordmaster Karyl MacGovern.
He returned to the past, wanting to rewrite the future he was unable to change with his sword alone. And this time, he would acquire the power that once eluded him—magic.
This time, he would master both sword and magic, and stand on the peak.
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47 Chapters
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Status in Korean: Completed @ 497 chapters 

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5 Reviews
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8 days ago
I really like this story so far, but I admit to being a fan of the “second chance via going back in time” genre.

The main character’s focus so far is on mastering his newly acquired magic, while changing the future and preventing the tragedies that occurred in his first life. While we may see some revenge along the way, it hasn’t been the main focus. The story is well written and the translator is doing a good job with it.

If you enjoyed stories like “The Swordmaster’s Son”, “This Bastard is Too Competent”, “The Legendary Spearman Returns”, “Return of the 8th Class Mage”, and “The Great Wizard Transcendent”, then this novel is worth checking out.

3 days ago
I am enjoying the novel so far! If you like novels about traveling back to the past for a 2nd chance you will enjoy this novel! I can't wait to see how everyone will react to *Spoiler* a barbarian being able to use magic and I can already tell this is going to bring trouble for the MC. I wonder with him now being able to use magic if there is anyway to hide the that he is a "barbarian"so it doesn't bring touble for his family. I am also interested in seeing how his relationships with his brothers develop! I definitely recommend giving this novel a shot! Can't wait to see what happens next!

8 days ago
Not recommended
Read the first 20 chapters. The story has promise but it needs a very good editor.

There are many inconsistencies in the story, some of which could be due to the translation. For example, you can't be a heretic if you were never a believer yet that's what they call people without magic blood vessels and also the reason for genocide. The definition of heretic is one who practices heresy. If you are not of the faith then you are an infidel; from the Latin, fidelis meaning faithful, infidelis or infidel meaning unfaithful or not of the faith.

The MC, being the only survivor of genocide, doesn't seem to have any problems being adopted by the man who killed his entire tribe.

There are flashbacks that tell him how to get a secret treasure, but non that talks about his family, his tribe, or his life before being adopted. It's almost as if that life didn't matter the first time around or the second time after his regression.

A dragon heart is needed for this story to proceed otherwise the MC would not have his chance to be OP. And yet it's also the most poorly conceived part of the story. Why would a dragon hunter tell a dragon where he hid a dragon heart? This dragon hunter was also some grand mage who lived 250 years ago and he built a special library to hide the heart. The grand mage is from adopted mother's side of the family, said to be from the east. Yet this library is on the adopted father's estate. You would think the mage would've built the library on his own family's estate especially since it was the mother's inheritance. So, did they move the library including the basement when she got married?

The plot of the story is interesting, but the writing needs a lot of work. It may get better in future chapters but I'm going to pass on it.

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