Vol 9: Chapter 8-3.

Vol 9: Chapter 8-3.

ChengXiao's eyes were shining. "Of course the Xian enchanted needles. Is there really Xian energy?"

Zheng shook his head. "There isn't Xian energy, that's just in the name. The description of this item is, forged using method of the Xians. It is said that even if you miss the acupoint while inserting it, the needle can still increase the subject's recovery rate. However, if you know acupuncture, this item can be a great medical equipment. Though the surgical equipment is also a sci-fi item."

ChengXiao interrupted him. "The Xian enchanted needles without question. Think about it, will you use knifes in a SM play? Needles, whips, candles are...

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