Vol 9: Chapter 3-2.

Vol 9: Chapter 3-2.

At the same time, the other group was following behind the two scientists. But before long, Yinkong suddenly said calmly. “Lan is gone.”

Honglu nodded lightly. “She returned to Zheng. Hoho. What is love that binds two’s lives together?”

ChengXiao laughed out loud. “Boy, have you even reached puberty yet to question love? Haha. Didn’t know you have such fetish. This lady is a mature beauty.”

Bang! Honglu fell into rage from embarrassment and threw the gun at ChengXiao, knocking him down again.

The banging on the door shocked the two in the infirmary. Fortunately, it was accompanied by the footsteps of a human so it couldn’t be an Alien.

Zheng opened the door...

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