Vol 9: Chapter 3-1.

Vol 9: Chapter 3-1.

The female scientist stepped out. “I will do the surgery. I was the one who did it last…” The male scientist hit the back of her head and knocked her out.

He carried her in his arms. His tears flowed down his cheeks as he kissed her. Then he handed her over to Lan before turning to Zheng. “Let me do the surgery. I was the one who taught her. Rest assured. If I make any mistakes, you have her in your hands.”

Zheng said calmly. “Smart. I need another volunteer.” He looked at

the other scientists.

ChengXiao immediately said. “No need. I am different from your woman. My blood is poisonous. Any organism that enters my body will dissolve. How else do you think I could wake up so fast?...

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