Vol 9: Chapter 2-1.

Vol 9: Chapter 2-1.

The group advanced forward in the corridor. Zheng was carrying Lori while Heng was carrying Honglu. Though Honglu felt quite upset as he watched Yinkong carrying Ran. He couldn’t have been able to do the job with that little body of his anyway. Lan and ChengXiao kept up with the team by themselves. As for the five newbies who were struggling to catch up with them, they were unfortunate that their physical fitness wasn’t up to par with the veterans. The newbies quickly fell behind and after a few turns in the corridor, there was no sight of them.

Zheng said calmly. “I abandoned them. Perhaps they have someone with the talent that we need. It’s my fault. If we can go back alive, I will offer a better apology. Sorry.”

The others didn’t know how...

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