Vol 9: Chapter 1-2.

Vol 9: Chapter 1-2.

Everyone sighed and Lan’s expression changed. She felt a little guilty for thinking if Lori dies. Although this didn’t have anything to do with her but she still felt guilty when something did happen to Lori. She also felt despicable about herself.

The others didn’t notice Lan’s change. Honglu twirled his hair and said. “Let’s capture a few scientists before the Aliens break free from confinement. Have them do surgery to take out the Chestbursters from Lori and the other newbies. Maybe we can even take control of the ship and kill the Aliens that are still in confinement. Ever heard of farming? Happens in many games.”

Suddenly the sirens sounded sharply. They were in a military spaceship in space! The only possible cause for the sirens was that the Aliens escaped confineme...

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