Vol 8 Chapter 6-2

Zheng instantly choked up. He couldn't feel the killing intent from Jie anymore. The feeling Jie gave off was natural and cool, as if he could face death with a smile. In addition, that familiar cigarette scent made Zheng's fist stop in place.

Jie took out a cigarette with his shaking hands. The blood on his fingers also got on the cigarette. He let go of it then it floated toward Zheng. "This taste can only be exchanged from God, you can't buy it in any world."

The same words were also said when Zheng first entered this world. During Resident Evil when everyone was at risk of dying and getting infected, when they were hanging on together, Jie also handed him the same cigarette.

Zheng grabbed the cigarette then lit it with his Red Flame. He took a deep smoke. As the burning entered...

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