Vol 8: Chapter 5-2.

Vol 8: Chapter 5-2.

Heng's elf bloodline only increased his archery expertise. The enhancement didn't stand out with overall power. However, it came with an ability, Charged Shot, that increases a shot's power and speed by at least five times, much powerful than the previous shots!

The feeling of danger reached an indescribable height as Heng was about to release his hand. All that was left in Zheng's eyes was the arrowhead. The pressure gave him a sense that he would get pierced by the arrow if he moves even a bit. This feeling was so extreme that he couldn't find the strength to resist and forced himself to come to a halt. He was only three meters away from Heng. Neither of them could back away now.

"Don't come close to me!" Heng growled in a low voice. His eyes were...

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