Vol 8: Chapter 4-2.

Vol 8: Chapter 4-2.

Banks usually transport money at 9 in the morning. Zheng walked toward a bank.

"Yinkong left the television building. Strangely though Heng didn't leave. She's about ten minutes away from us." Lan said through the device.

Zheng replied. "Then the plan remains unchanged. Go take a taxi and run across the bridge. You aren't on Death's list so just keep running away. I will drive around Yinkong and go straight into the building. Go attract their attention like how we did in the training. I will flank them from behind. Believe in me, I will defeat Jie before Yinkong get to you!"

The device was silent for a moment then Lan muttered. "Be careful."

Zheng put down the device. He took...

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