Vol 8: Chapter 3-1.

Vol 8: Chapter 3-1.

Zheng finally arrived at west district. This so called west district was obviously the ghetto. Blacks and whites in ragged clothes were everywhere. And women in heavy but cheap make ups that looked sorry to the eyes. This was where the poorest of the city gathered.

The thug got off the car and said to Zheng with respect. "Boss, Old Crab is the biggest arms dealer around. No one dares to provoke him, even Black Jack who manages this city. Of course he's still a normal person so he's not comparable to you. Come, boss, he's by the warehouses in area A."

Zheng and the other three followed him through the valleys. Lan finally got the chance to speak with him. "When Jie looked at me in the bus, I followed him away. Even though my body was moving but my mind was in a chaotic state....

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