Vol 8: Chapter 2-3.

Vol 8: Chapter 2-3.

Zheng was covered in cold sweat from the scare. He shouted without thinking any further. "WangXia! Where is he!"

WangXia was stunned. The series of events happened all in just ten seconds, any attack alone could take his life, not to mention that he couldn't dodge them. But his mental fortitude was firm. He pointed to a tall building from afar and said. "Over there, but I can't tell which floor!"

"Enough! I know which floor he's in!"

Zheng was in the mindset of "if I am Heng". He didn't know what's with this state of the mind, but it appeared that he could really understand what Heng was thinking. Like when to shoot the arrow, where should he aim, and what's the best place to be in. So he activated the movement technique at once and...

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