Vol 7: Chapter 8-2.

WangXia's voice came through the device. "If it's a weapon I am experienced with, then I think I can. Since you aren't immune to bullets right? Plus, my expertise is planting mines and setting traps. See if you can find these weapons."

Zheng originally said the words with the intention of just giving a try. He didn't expect such an answer. He laughed bitterly because the people who attacked him with were comrades under Jie's control. They were people he could entrust his safety with. Planting mines and setting traps? Did he think this was some military exercise?

Zheng immediately said. "No, don't go through so much trouble. I need you to fight along side me, but I don't need the mines and traps, at least not now. So what's the situation over there?"

WangXia gave a bitter laugh and said. "You just teased...

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