Vol 7: Chapter 8-1.

Vol 7: Chapter 8-1.

Zheng looked at the thugs as he sat on the sofa. Several were bold looking men in their thirties. Seemed like this promising profession wasn't limited to teens and young adults. Of course, Zheng didn't care much about them. He was thinking about something else.

Why did Jie want to kill him?

This was the question that troubled him. Then a thought arose from Yinkong's attack and Heng's shot. If he was the leader of a team, then what was his role? Charging at the frontline? That was just reckless. Or were people with high intelligence the only suitable ones?

Zheng pondered for a while then came to a peace of mind. Because this problem may be difficult to solve in the real world but in this world, after Lan...

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