Vol 7 Chapter 7-3

There was no hope in dodging the attack. Yinkong was exceptional with assassinations. No one could sense her when she was hiding. They could only feel that killing intent the moment she attacked. Usually it was already too late. Her attack speed had reached another level after the Shining enhancement.

Zheng moved his arm in between the dagger and his chest subconsciously. The dagger pierced arm and its tip entered his chest.

Though the dagger wasn’t long to begin with, with his arm in between, it only entered his chest by half an inch. But that flame made him scream in pain.

The burning of a soul was so horrifying that even Zheng couldn’t bear the pain and screamed. Nevertheless, he was somewhat of a warrior that had walked along the edge of hell several times. So when Yinkong used her other hand...

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