Vol 7: Chapter 5-1.

Vol 7: Chapter 5-1.

The seven of them woke up on a bus. There were no other passengers aside from the eight people lying on the floor. However, everyone turned to Jie in confusion because he was still holding onto Nana's hand.

Zheng said angrily. "Jie, I need an explanation. Why did you bring her in? You know how dangerous this place will be. This is Final Destination! A place where you can't escape death with scientific reasoning! And there's no boss you can beat! How can you do this? Are you trying to get her killed?" Zheng raised his voice as he spoke and was shouting by the end of it.

Jie and Nana smiled at each other. He then turned to Zheng and said. "Ok, ok. I will tell you everything but there's something you have to do first....

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