Vol 7: Chapter 3-2.

Vol 7: Chapter 3-2.

Zheng stepped on air and jumped up twenty centimeters further, dodging the dagger by a split second. But its flame still burned the bottom of his shoes. Then Yinkong's body began to fall at increasing speed.

Everything happened in an instant. By the time Zheng landed on the ground, he had entered the unlocked mode. Yinkong was dashing at him with her dagger, so Zheng had no choice but to jump forward again to dodge, then immediately jump back at her.

Zheng charged her to a tree before she could react. His left hand was pressing on her neck and the other hand on her body against the tree. Although neither of them were injured, they both knew Zheng won the fight.

Yinkong blushed. Zheng was surprised that she would show such...

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