Vol 6 Chapter 9-2

Now that Yinkong had her dagger in hand. She stabbed into Imhotep's forehead at once. Flame burst out from Imhotep's head as he screamed in pain, but he didn't loosen his grip even a bit. He was exerting a force even stronger than Zheng. Imhotep pushed Zheng away and backed off with Anck-su-Namun's mummy. Yinkong had no choice but to pull out the dagger, though Imhotep's head had already turned into a skull.

Imhotep shouted in ancient Egyptian then new flesh grew from his skull. The mummies and Sphinxes immediately turned to Zheng's group and leaped at them.

Zheng yelled. "Jonathan! Read the words on the book! You can control these mummies!"

Jonathan got his way into the center of everyone and said. "Thre are so many Sphinxes chasing from behind....

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