Vol 6 Chapter 8-2

Vol 6: Chapter 8-2.

Jonathan was definitely a clever guy. He sticked onto the wall with all fours like a lizard and said. "Haha, Zheng! I knew you would come to save me. You're a good guy. I will reduce those seven gold bars to six."

Zheng thought it was funny. "It is six to begin with, when did it become seven? Stop moving. O'Connell, go find a rope."

O'Connell's voice came from above the cliff. "How can I find a rope here. Want me to go back out and ask those cavalries?"

Zheng shouted in response. "Just make one with your clothes. Make sure it's sturdy. I can't hold on much longer."

He heard the ripping of clothes from above the next moment. Before long, a strip of cloth lowered from above. Zheng...

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