Vol 6 Chapter 7-3

"If you must fight, then you have to promise not to attack the monk and werewolf, you can't go look for team India intentionally, and you can only sneak attack them."

"These three conditions aren't hard to understand. Based on my information, those two people aren't afraid of firearms. Perhaps your bow can reach a gun's power in close distance but they won't care about just a normal arrow. The only time you are allowed to attack them is when the situation is desperate."

"As to the second condition. Our mission isn't to kill them but rather to stay alive. Even though our team may not take the victory but if the two of us died before the end, then the victory will be meaningless."

"The third condition isn't really a condition. But if you do encounter the other two members of team India then you better hide in the shadows and sneak attack them....

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