Vol 6 Chapter 7-2

Vol 6: Chapter 7-2.

Out of all the fights Zheng had been in since he entered the world, the enemy of this fight was nearest to him in strength. Even though the serpent was very powerful in both one on one situation and group fights, Zheng had the advantage of being much stronger in close combat. As long as he can get close to Shiva, he can take away the victory!

Zheng slashed through Shiva's left arm to his heart. The unparalleled sharpness of the knife easily cut off Shiva's arm. At the same time, Shiva took out a golden dharmacakra with his right hand. A layer of golden light appeared on top of his body, blocking the knife from advancing any further.


Zheng shouted in madness. He kept slashing at Shiva despite being blocked by the layer of light. He channeled...

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