Vol 6 Chapter 7-1

Vol 6: Chapter 7-1.

By the time Shiva was knocked into the wall, Arot's body had expanded and began his transformation. He suddenly turned his head around. A girl holding a flaming dagger was standing in that dark tunnel silently. The flickering flame made her appear like an illusion.

Arot stared at her with ice cold eyes, then he began to laugh hideously. "Haven't you learned from last time? You're not strong enough to be my opponent. Just one little slash and you will become pieces of meat. Then I will drink your blood and play with your bones. Haha."

Yinkong replied calmly. "Then come at me." She retreated into the shadows.

Several seconds later, Arot turned into a werewolf and followed Yinkong into the tunnel.

The remaining two people from team India...

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