Vol 6 Chapter 4-2

Vol 6: Chapter 4-2.

“Board here then we will go toward the marketplace in the desert. If everything goes well, we can buy our supplies and camels there. We should reach Hamunaptra in a few days.” O’Connell took out a sand tray and drew their path on the sand.

They were having breakfast in the cabin but due to the threats they made yesterday, the crew rejected their invitation to eat together. Though none of them really cared.

“Where are our allies?” Honglu asked.

Ardeth Bay (The man in black) paused for a moment then drew a line in the sand. “In between the marketplace and Hamunaptra. Since the desert is too large, we can only wait in the center then send our men to search for our enemies. This is the most we can do.”

Honglu nodded. Zheng studied the...

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