Vol 6 Chapter 3-3

Vol 6: Chapter 3-3.

“Yinkong, your dagger!”

Seeing that Lan was too slow to take the cat out in time, Zheng threw his gun away then signaled Yinkong as he jumped at the sandstorm. He channeled Qi to the Na ring, formed a translucent force field around his fist, then struck the sandstorm with his left hand.

With a boom, the sandstorm was knocked back as if it hit a wall. Zheng was also knocked back, crashing into Jie and Zero. The sandstorm returned to its human form behind the bus. Imhotep knelt on one knee. His shoulder kept burning and corroding away. The Na ring was indeed very effective against spiritual beings, being able to damage Imhotep when the magical bullets couldn’t.

Yinkong pulled out her dagger at once, a dagger enclosed in a flame. The mummy guards summoned by Zheng immediately backed off as if they were scared of the dagger. Even Imhotep frowned as he saw it.

“Secure yourselves!” O’Connell yelled as he slammed down on the accelerator. The bus ran forward at full speed, knocking over a bunch of barrels and some zombies. It left Imhotep behind as he slowly recovered his body.

Imhotep opened his mouth and roared. An endless stream of flies came out of his mouth forming a black cloud that flew towards the bus. Evelyn and Zhuiyu screamed...

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