Vol 6 Chapter 3-2

Vol 6: Chapter 3-2.

O’Connell shouted, “F*ck, so violent… What is this!? It wasn’t nearly this bloody even when I was in Verdun… Evelyn! Get in the center of everyone, don’t look out the window!”

Evelyn waved her hand in protest but still stood in the center of them. The bus slowed down as it drove further and further into the zombies. These zombies were not retarded like the ones in Resident Evil. They kept trying to jump on the vehicle and some of them were hanging from the windows.

“Zero, Jie, we will attack the mummies! Everyone else attack the zombies around us! Hurry!” Zheng shouted then opened fired against the incoming mummies.

The submachine gun wasn’t too effective. It needed over ten shots to destroy a mummy. Before long, the mummies...

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