Vol 5 Chapter 5-1

Vol 5: Chapter 5-1.


After the scarabs ran past them, Zheng released his fingers and jumped down. Zhuiyu began to cry when she reached the ground and cursed this place and all the men as she cried. When Zheng sighed and walked deeper into the tomb she followed him while still crying.

"... All men are assholes, always walk away after toying with women. That stupid director, those stupid rich people are all dogs. I just have to lift my skirt to satisfy you and you will..."

Zheng turned around and slapped her on the face, knocking her to the ground and silencing the complains. He said to her in a cold tone. "I don't care what depressed you in the real world! But this is the world of horror movies! Stop talking full of complains, the one that just saved you is a man!"

Zhuiyu dazed for a moment. She spat out a tooth then jumped at Zheng while crying. "So what if I am talking about men? How dare you hit me! Do you believe that I will kill myself right now and drag you all along with me!"

"Fine!" Zheng took out his gun from the ring and pointed it at her head. "You want to die right? Just say it and I will help you! Don't f*cking think I am joking with you. You think we come here to play? Become strong then go back to the real world? F*ck, if you are not determined to live and just keep complaining, if I were you I will just kill myself! Say it, do you want to die?"

Zhuiyu was scared for real this time. She couldn't say a word and tears just kept falling down. Then she said with a trembling voice. "No... I don't want to die. Don't kill me. Please don't kill me!"

Zheng put his gun back then glanced at her. "Don't think of yourself so precious once you entered this world. There is only one rule to all living beings here. That is to live... Follow close to me unless you want to be sucked dry by the mummy."

Zhuiyu behaved herself afterward but her eyes were filled with hatred staring at Zheng who was running in front.

After running for a while, they heard a cry around the corner. A woman's scream followed it shortly after. It was Evelyn's voice.

Zheng thought 'shit'. He could tell what was happening there. Evelyn encountered Imhotep while he was still in his mummy form. Zheng ran toward their direction.

After they made the turn, they saw Evelyn looking into the deeper part of the path in fear. On the opposite side of her, O'Connell just came out from around the corner with the Americans and the other players.

O'Connell saw Evelyn then ran over and grabbed her. "Hurry, what are you waiting here for? There are a lot of bugs behind... wah!"

They all ran over to Evelyn then followed her vision. What they saw scared all of them.

A mummy with rotting flesh and many parts were just bones left. This mummy still had eyes but those eyes were filled with blood vessels, looking at all the people in front of him. Then he opened his mouth and shouted.

O'Connell and everyone else were dazed then he also began shouting and pulled the trigger on his rifle. Zheng and the others also began firing their guns. The mummy got shot to the ground.

After shooting the mummy away, O'Connell grabbed Evelyn and began running away. Zheng said to his team in a hurry. "Jie, bring them outside. Zero, stay with me to check on the mummy's wounds... We used magical bullets just now."

The mummy was shattered on the ground. Zheng and Zero looked at him and saw that he was quickly recovering the parts shattered by O'Connell's gun, just like a body made of sand. While the wounds that were caused by the magical bullets were still there. It wasn't until after the bullet fell out of the wound before it slowly recovered.

"It's not effective... And this is when he is still at his weakest form. After he sucked the Americans dry then he will have enough power to summon sandstorms. Then the magical bullets would become even less effective... Aye, team India probably got used to the environment by now also." Zheng said.

Zero fired a few more rounds at the mummy then said. "Let's leave this place first. We probably can't kill him until we get the Book of Amun-Ra... Let's think about team India first. Are they strong?"

Zheng fired at the mummy again then turned around and began to run back the way he came. "Yes, very strong... And they didn't come to Hamunaptra like we planned. I can sense that they were getting farther and farther away. I don't know if they are waiting to ambush us in the front. Haha, Zero, do you believe that I can lead everyone back alive?"

"Nope." Zero was running behind him and answered calmly. "We won't be able to all live. Someone will definitely die... but I believe that you will keep leading us, at least you won't abandon anyone and run away alone."

"Is that so? Haha, that's disappointing... Then, let me continue to lead you guys. No matter if we live or die, I will not abandon my comrades!"

The mummy shouted again behind the two of them...

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