Vol 5 Chapter 4-3

Vol 5: Chapter 4-3.

This was their first time entering the underground tomb. Everyone was running in panic. The players were separated during the running and by the time people calmed down there were only Zheng, Zero, Jie, Heng, Tengyi, and Zhuiyu left. The others ran into another path.

The tomb was pitch black and filled with a rotting smell. Fortunately Heng picked up a torch before he entered the tomb. Otherwise it would be difficult to even take a step.

Even so, Zhuiyu still said with dissatisfaction. "Ew, smells so disgusting. Even worse than the last time I had to film in an old temple."

The men ignored her. Zero asked. "Zheng, did you see the other team just then? How many people do they have?"

Zheng said with a bitter smile. "I didn't get a clear look. It was too far and dark... But the other team should be very strong. They threw a rock at me from that distance and I had to block it with my knife."

He held out his hand and you could see a rupture on his hand between the thumb and index finger. Although it didn't seen like a big deal but to be able to rupture Zheng with an enhanced body would require such power. Because even blocking a bullet would not had caused this.

Zheng shook his head. "I don't think they threw that rock. It would take someone that has at least ten times a normal person's strength. Furthermore it requires accuracy as good as Zero's... That was probably a magical skill, or some sci fi weapon. But I can't think of any weapon that uses rocks as bullets."

They suddenly heard a scream as they were talking. Everyone took a look at each other then pulled out their guns. Zheng, Zero, Jie, and Tengyi also swapped in the magical bullets. Heng and Zhuiyu followed closely behind them and ran toward origin of the scream.

At the same time, eleven people stood on top of a hill ten thousand meters away from Hamunaptra. A few of them were wearing typical long robes for the desert while the others were wearing monk clothes.

"Deserts are so much better, even though they don't have the smell of the dead sea but being able to touch the sands is a bless... Haha, the sea in Deep Rising can go to hell and that octopus also." A black, muscular giant man laughed.

Standing in front of him was a young monk. "Minima, how is the 80 Percentage Power enhancement from Younger Toguro? Even though it's one of the cheapest tier B enhancements but it should be quite powerful when combined with your fighting style. Did that rock hit the target?"

The giant laughed. "Yup, not bad. The power is almost terrifying. If we just kill a few more people and get my reaction speed up to par when we go back, then... Haha, I won't be scared anymore even if I have to go face to face with an Alien."

The monk laughed. He looked toward Hamunaptra and said. "... Be careful of that man. The throw had enough force and Lamu's psyche power [^1] gave you the accuracy. Yet that man was still able to block the rock and avoided any damage from the fall. He's probably one of the strongest in that new team. If they have three people as strong as him... Then let's treat them as having equal power, keep a distance until the movie ends... Shanaia, how is the three newbies doing?"

A woman with white skin and dressed in typical Indian woman's clothes said respectfully. "Leader, the three newbies have been hypnotized. Arot is checking their potentials."

The monk looked behind him. There was a blonde European man in a white lab coat holding on to the chins of two men and a woman. After a minute, he said. "Leader, these three newbies are horrible, but one of them has an ok brain, probably worked in an office in the real world."

The monk moved his vision back to Hamunaptra and muttered. "Then undo his hypnosis when we go back to God's dimension. If he has no use then make him into a fodder like the other two. My summoning creature is about to level up..."

Shanaia said. "Leader, what should we do now? Go into the tomb to fight them or get in contact like usual?"

He thought for a moment. "No, Team China has just awoken. We don't know their power level and they probably don't know the conventions when encountering other teams. If we get in touch with them we may get attacked first... The plot is at unleashing the boss of this movie. We will go to Cairo first and find a chance to get in touch with them to make agreements... or wipe them!"

Zheng was moving deeper into the tomb. They've been hearing the sounds of countless little things moving on the ground ever since that first scream. As they moved deeper in, the sounds were getting louder.

Right as they made another turn, they saw O'Connell, Jonathan, and several Americans running toward them. O'Connell shouted. "Run, there are a lot behind!"

(A lot? A lot what?) Zheng and the others looked beyond them and suddenly lost the desire to ask. There were countless scarabs chasing after them. One of the guides suddenly fell to the ground and the scarabs immediately entered his body. It only took a few seconds before he was fully covered in a thick layer of scarabs. When he appeared again, he had became a skeleton.

Zheng's group of six began to run at full speed along with O'Connell. The skeleton behind them was horrifying. It was indescribable how it feels to get eaten alive.

Zheng, Zero, and Jie were running the fastest. They quickly passed by O'Connell's group then suddenly they heard someone tripped. Their hearts stopped for a moment. Zheng turned his head to look behind with panic and saw the movie star Zhuiyu was on the ground. The scarabs were just one meter away from her.

"You guys run!"

Zheng was getting so anxious that his eyes turned bloody red. Every team member that died was negative 2000 points. They couldn't afford any losses now. As Zhuiyu was about to get eaten, he overcame his fears and sprinted toward her.

He picked her up with a hand then jumped as hard as he can while his other hand grabbed onto a rock on the ceiling. He and Zhuiyu just hanged there in midair. The scarabs ran passed them from just ten centimeters below.

Just then another woman's scream echoed through the tomb.

P.S. If anyone's familiar with Indian names, you can suggest more authentic names with similar pronunciation for team India.

[^1]: 念力 - psyche power. subject to change.
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