Vol 5 Chapter 4-1

Vol 5: Chapter 4-1.


Zheng stood on top of a stone pillar looking at the desert. The height of this pillar was at least ten meters. It was probably once the center of support of a temple. It had not fallen even after thousands of years.

All there was on the desert was sand and more sand. He had been standing there for over two hours. Though he had no problem standing under sunlight for so long with his stamina.

"Hey, how much longer are you going to stand there. You probably climbed up there with the intention of avoiding me right?" It was a voice of discontentment from the bottom.

Zheng was paired with Lan. The two of them were responsible for looking out the north west side of the desert. He climbed up this pillar for convenience at overlooking the whole area, however Lan didn't have the ability to do as he did.

Seeing that Zheng didn't respond to her, she stroke the cat in her arms then shouted. "Hey! Don't try to ignore me. You're acting strange, ever since we came in this movie, you've been acting distant from me. It was the same when we were in the river. You could have carried me when we swam but why didn't you do it? You know I am carrying a cat."

Zheng couldn't help but crouched down then looked down to Lan. "I am not ignoring you. It's just that we are going to encounter another team and we are already at negative 2000 points. If we don't kill a person from their team, then we are at risk of wiping... Do you think I have to mood to say, hi let's go on a date?"

Lan looked at Zheng seriously. However she couldn't make out his expression due to the sunlight. She replied a little depressed. "Stop treating me like this, please... I've never thought about having an affair with you even though... but I have my limits, I won't destroyed someone else's relationship. You don't have to avoid me. Really... If it's because of the issue with Jie and you don't know who to trust, then you can forget about what I said for now. Can you treat me like you used to? Just like a friend..."

Zheng was silent for a moment then sighed. "Isn't it good enough right now? As a comrade, I can protect you and you can support me... This is good for both you and me, isn't it?"

The two of them fell into a silence. It was awkward as they just stared at each other. Then the sun set and the sky began to darken.

"... A mummy jumped out once we opened that coffin. For real, the mummy was still moist after several thousand years." Jonathan described their adventure inside the tomb. Zheng's group looked at each other. That mummy was probably Imhotep, just that he hadn't been revived yet.

During the night, everyone went back to their camp and ate a simple meal. They sat together and discussed what happened during the day. O'Connell and the other two characters of course talked about the tomb while Zero and the players talked about the terrain.

O'Connell waited for the players to finished then asked. "Are you planning to have a battle here? This seem like something the military would do, scouting the terrain with such detail... Bro, if there's a problem we can solve it together, how's it?"

Zheng laughed. "This is our problem, we can't drag you in... Also, you better not get too close with those Americans..."

O'Connell shrugged. "The Americans weren't lucky today. It seems like three of their guides were... melted."

"Melted?" Evelyn and Jonathan asked.

"Yes, with acid. They triggered ancient traps."

Zheng suddenly laughed. "There are true curses here and maybe ghosts or spirits."

O'Connell and the other two were silent for a bit then Evelyn yelled. "Please. There are no ghosts or curses in the world. I only believe what I see."

Jie came over and said. "We have seen real ghosts with our eyes. They're so, so scary... That ghost killed a lot of our former team members. If it wasn't luck, we might have died also. Haha..."

Lan said. "Jie, that's enough... Evelyn, it will be fine. Don't believe him. He was just joking... Jie, do you want to lose points?"

Jie laughed then shrugged. Zheng wanted to say something then suddenly he heard a large amount of horse footsteps, like over a hundred people were riding toward them.

Their expressions turned and Zheng stood up immediately. "Prepare your weapons... There's probably going to be a battle."

Just as he finished talking, ten knights in black robes came out from behind the pillars. A few of the guides the Americans hired immediately fell to the ground. The knights began shooting at the people in the camps and some of them even burned their camps and supplies with torches.

Zheng was the first to respond. He took out a submachine gun and sprayed at them. The knights in the front immediately fell off their horses. Then Jie and Zero also took out their guns and joined. Their weapons were just so much more powerful than the guns in this era. The knights couldn't even get close to them. After another ten corpses, the knights began to back out, leaving behind several dozen bodies and some injured horses.

The guides calmed down then shouted at Zheng's group with thanks. O'Connel and the other two characters looked at them in shock. The Americans just now came out from the tomb and didn't know what happened. They displayed their findings in excitement, a few glass bottles... and a book in black!

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