Vol 5 Chapter 3-3

Vol 5: Chapter 3-3.

They had to face reality after laughing. Without any tools for transportation, the group had to walk over half a day to reach the oasis. There were some desert plants on the way and between some chatting on the way, time wasn't unbearable.

Zheng walked beside Honglu and asked him in a low voice. "We are getting close to Hamunaptra. How much chance do you think we have?"

"What is victory condition? Avoid them? Kill them? Or finish this movie as fast as possible, eliminate Imhotep?"

"Victory condition... survive. Have the majority survive." Zheng thought about it then nodded with determination.

"The probability would be 10%, no, 7%. It's too difficult to keep everyone alive. Even without an opposing team, Imhotep alone would be difficult enough. At least I can't think of any way to eliminate him... So, follow the original plot and use the Book of Amun-Ra to bury him... As for the other team, to be honest, I am prepared to get killed. You shouldn't have too much hope. At least half our team will die..."

(At least 5 people?)

Carrying this thought, or perhaps premonition, Zheng followed O'Connell to the largest oasis. This oasis had an abundant source of fresh water. It was just like a mini city. It had most ordinary merchandise, especially camels.

The group didn't take much time. After restocking fresh water and food, and buying thirteen camels, they continued on the way to Hamunaptra. Even when they got tired, they would only take a nap on a camel. Three days and nights passed and they were closer and closer to Hamunaptra.

O'Connell and the other two characters had been living near the desert so they knew how to conserve energy. But Zheng and the others had it rough. Not only was it their first time riding camels, Jie and Zero were the only ones that had ever been to a desert. So after three days on the camel and the hotness of the desert, even Zheng was feeling rough, not to mention the others. Tengyi, Liang, Heng, and Zhuiyu were stumbling after they got off the camels.

It was another midnight. Just as the group was getting accustomed to the desert, a group of several dozen people on horses rode toward them. The leader was Beni, another person that left Hamunaptra alive.

"Good morning, my friend." Beni shouted at O'Connell when he was still quite a distance from them.

O'Connell didn't answer. He moved closer to them with the group.

An American standing behind Beni asked. "Why are we stopping? Didn't you say it's closer to Hamunaptra? Hurry up, why stop here?"

Beni replied calmly. "My friend, be patient..."

Evelyn also asked in a low voice. "What are we doing here?"

"We wait... for our destination to appear." O'Connell also answered in a low voice.

Then the American shouted. "O'Connell, do you still remember your promise when gambling that day? Whoever enters the city first gets 500 bucks... Do you want to see who enters first?"

The sun was rising as he talked. Sunlight shone on the desert and a ruin gradually appeared. This was the legendary city of the dead.

Several days of hardship on foot. Everyone was excited when they finally saw the destination.

However, it was more complicated for Zheng's group. The only way they could return was eliminating Imhotep. But in order to do that, they had to revive him. Then they would have to face both Imhotep and another team. No, they must also kill one member from the other team to save the majority of this team. Words could not describe how they were feeling right now.

Zheng's group moved over to the ruin of Hamunaptra. This was a magnificent ancient city. One could tell its glory from the remains even after several thousand years.

Once inside the Hamunaptra, the two groups settled down together. Evelyn then dragged O'Connell to search for the entrance to the underground. The Americans were also looking for their entrance. Zheng discussed with his group and decided not to go with O'Connell. In contrast, they began to explore the terrain.

"The underground tomb is only a hundred meter deep. O'Connell won't be more than 5000 meters away from us after he entered the underground. So it's ok if we don't intervene with the plot. Let's get familiar with the surroundings first."

"Zero, find a place that's suitable for sniping. Jie, Tengyi and Honglu go look for a place suitable for fighting. Best if you can record them... The rest of you keep an eye out at all directions. Fire your gun once you see an enemy... Then everyone, let's fight for our lives... At least have the majority of us go back!"
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