Vol 5 Chapter 3-2

Vol 5: Chapter 3-2.

3 (2/3)

Jonathan was playing poker with the Americans. One could tell his luck by looking at his expression. There was a gold nugget next to the American sitting in front of him. He had obviously lost the gold nugget Zheng gave him.

"Hi guys, want to play a few rounds too?" Jonathan said as he noticed Zheng and O'Connell. Even though Zheng was holding the progressive knife, it had such a plain look that no one would have guessed its sharpness.

O'Connell was a bit confused, he asked Zheng. "What's happening? You're acting strange..."

Before he finished the sentence, gunshots came from across the ship and the back of the ship started smoking. While everyone was in shock, one of the waiters fell to the ground as blood came out of his chest.

The Americans were the first to respond. They immediately pulled out their guns and began shooting. O'Connell wasn't slow either, he quickly swept the gold nugget and the cash on the table then ran toward Zheng.

Zheng held onto his knife and took out his submachine gun. "O'Connell, protect Jonathan and meet up with the others in the cabin."

O'Connell pulled out two handguns and muttered. "These men in black... How did they find out we are going to Hamunaptra? And there are so many of them..."

"Yea, this is too freaking many..."

Zheng remembered in the original movie, there were only about ten assassins that attacked the ship. Aside from lighting it on fire, there weren't enough of them to kill everyone. Yet perhaps the involvement of Zheng's group made the assassins feel threatened, there were several dozens of them and even more climbing on the ship.

The power of his submachine gun could rival the heavy machine guns of this era. Zheng sprayed at the edge of the ship, breaking it and causing ten of the men in black to fall off. Everyone looked at him in shock for a moment.

Since normal bullets weren't expensive, Zheng sprayed liberally and shot a lot of the men off the ship.

"Still good..." Zheng had been protecting O'Connell and Jonathan's backs. "Fortunately these problems can be solved with guns. I miss being about to solve things this way..."

Jonathan turned around and asked. "What can't be solved with guns?"

"Like spirits and..."

Zheng suddenly sensed danger and stepped in front of Jonathan with his knife, blocking two stray bullets.

"... and luck."

Jonathan was also shocked. He patted Zheng on the shoulder and said. "Nice bro. Nice... handgun."

It was as though stealing was an instinct, Jonathan pulled a gun from Zheng's pocket without thinking and began shooting. Zheng and O'Connell laughed as they shook their heads.

It didn't take long for them to reach the others. Evelyn, Zero, and Jie had brought back the puzzle box and map. The ship was smoking at all sides by this time.

Beside the group were ten men in black lying on the floor, with a finger sized hole in their chests. Yinkong was cleaning her nails with a napkin. No one would have guessed this little girl just killed ten people barehanded by that indifference look of her face.

Zheng put back his knife and gun then smiled. "Are you all ready?"

O'Connell replied immediately with a laugh. "Of course, I remember the shore is at this direction..."

Jonathan was in a daze. "What ready? Hey, O'Connell, what did he mean by ready?"

Zheng didn't explain anything. He threw Jonathan into the river and took back his gun at the same time. Evelyn screamed and grabbed onto O'Connell when Zheng reached for her. Zheng couldn't help but took back his hand when Lan suddenly ran into his arms. Zero and Yinkong already jumped into the river.

"Then... let's go."

He also jumped with a laugh. Even though this was a movie but he had already interacted with the characters. Furthermore this movie wasn't as dangerous as the ones before, as least for now. So he got a little excited with the adventure.

The river wasn't flowing too fast. The group didn't get washed away by the stream. They followed behind O'Connell to the shore. The ship behind them was already engulfed in a flame. They could faintly made out another group also jumped off the ship.

Although none of them were particularly good with water, they managed to swim to the shore helping each other. Once they got on, Evelyn screamed. "My god! My tools, my clothes, and all my writings are gone. God!"

Land had it at ease through the whole thing. She grabbed onto Zheng during the swim while holding onto a black cat with her other hand. When they reached the shore, the cat was still staying in her arm without moving much.

Suddenly, a cunning man shouted from across the river. "O'Connell! Hey, O'Connell! Haha, it looks like you have it rough. The horses are all on this side. Haha!"

"Hey, Beni. Looks like you are on the wrong side of the river. Haha..."

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Also, question for those who still remember the movie. Are the people that attacked the ship in the movie the Medjai?
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