Vol 5 Chapter 1-2

Vol 5: Chapter 1-2.

Lan and the others didn’t look at the newbies. They all turned to Zheng.

“As long as the other team is even slightly stronger than us, they will want to kill us. Once they kill one of our members, we can only kill one of them back. Otherwise all of us will probably be erased by the end of the movie. Who has 2000 points to spare for the negative score? So we can only fight back… Once someone opens fire, then only one team can leave alive!”

The five newbies got up from the ground. A woman immediately screamed as she patted her body then ran to the corner of the room. The other four people were making a loud disturbance. There were four men and one women this time around. A forty something muscular bald man, a thirty something gentleman with glasses, a twenty something young man with a baby face, and a boy about eleven or twelve years old.

The woman was gorgeous with long silky black hair, wearing a sexy long dress. She was 1.7 meters tall. If it wasn’t that for her scared expression, she’d definitely be a stunner.

Zheng sighed as he looked at the newbies, then he turned to Lan. “Explain the situation to them…”

Lan nodded with a bitter smile, then she began to explain God’s world and its rules, including death, enhancements, horror movies. After she received the reward notification, she nodded to Zheng again.

The five newbies seemed a bit bewildered. Especially since they were in a jail, there was no way to leave. Zheng said to them in a calm voice, “Just like what she told you, we are currently in a horror movie. Here, you can get injured and die. You might even die in an unimaginable way. You should know if you ever watched horror movies. Like getting infected by a virus, or impaled by an Alien, or sucked dry by a vampire, or… eaten by numerous scarabs!”

The five newbies shivered, even Lan pinched him. “Tell me your occupations and abilities. I will determine if you have the qualifications to join my team by your abilities and character. If you can’t become a member, then I will give you a weapon and a hundred magical bullets, and also a gold bar. Of course, you can’t be 5000 meters away from this man…”

The muscular bald man laughed. “Gold? You kidding me? I am in a jail. It’s probably Wang that betrayed me. Stop with your stories, I don’t believe one word of it.” Then he punched the wall and left a dent on it. It seemed like he had some actual strength.

Zheng and the others looked at him coldly. The bald man suddenly turned to the woman. He walked over to her while laughing filthily. “Shit. How could they put me and a woman together? Do they want me to have some fun before the execution? I will do it. This woman is probably here to make me confess right? If you want to know where the heroin is then serve me well. Haha… Ah!”

As he reached for the woman’s dress, a hand from behind grabbed his neck. Then it threw him to a corner.

Zheng said, “Understood. Your occupation is a criminal. Abilities are threatening and bullying… They are useless against our team. And you are too aggressive, I won’t give you any weapons.”

The bald man got up while shaking his head. He spit out some blood then shouted, “F*ck! Do you know who I am? How dare you attack me from behind? I am going to beat the shit out of you…”

Yinkong who was standing there silently the whole time suddenly ran up to him and as he lowered his head to look at her, he felt a sudden pain on his two arms. Both his arms were cut off in that instant and before he could cry out in pain, Zheng slashed at him with his knife then he dropped to the floor.

“Ah! Murder! The criminals are murdering people…” The bald man lost his backbone. He was crying with tears. After getting both his arms and legs cut off, he struggled on the floor with just his body. The blood bleeding from his limbs soaked the floor.

Zheng took out the hemostasis spray and bandage quietly and stopped his bleeding. Then he turned to the other four newbies and said to them coldly, “I will do this to everyone that threatens our team. Once he get more than 5000 meters away from this man, he will be erased by God. Don’t test my patience…”

The glasses man immediately said, “My name is Gao HongLiang (Liang). I’m a computer programmer. I am very confident at programming. Ahem. I wish to join your team. No, even as a test member is okay. I don’t have any requirements, you don’t even have to give me a weapon…” Zheng prevented him from continuing. This man stepped to the side quietly just like he was ordered by his boss.

The young man scratched his head and said, “My name is Zhang Heng. I am a junior in college. I am also a sub for the Olympic archery team. I am adept at using composite bows. My endurance is also pretty good. Hoho, can I become a team member?”

The boy was the strangest of the bunch. He was standing on the wall and was drawing something in air with his finger. After Heng finished his introduction, he turned to them and said calmly, “Xiao Honglu. Twelve years old. Currently living in a neurological institute as a research subject. I have strong premonitions… I believe your words.”

After the three of them finished introducing themselves, everyone turned to the woman. She was still staring at the bald man in fear. When she noticed everyone was looking at her, she screamed, “Don’t, don’t leave me behind… I am Qin Zhuiyu. Movie, movie star. Haven’t any of you seen my movies? I, I’m good at… right, I am talented at acting, and my singing is also great… Please don’t leave me behind…”

She started crying as she said this. Lan walked over to her and embraced her. Just as the men were smiling bitterly at the scene, the door to the jail opened.

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