Vol 5 Chapter 1-1

Volume 5: The Mummy's Treasure

In Thebes, Egypt, 1290 BC, high priest Imhotep engaged in an affair with Anck-su-Namun, the mistress of Pharoah Seti I. When the Pharaoh discovered their tryst, Imhotep and Anck-su-Namun murdered the monarch. As Seti’s guards arrive, Imhotep fled while Anck-su-Namun killed herself.

After Anck-su-Namun’s burial, Imhotep and his priests stole her corpse and travelled to Hamunaptra, the city of the dead. He placed Anck-su-Namun’s organs in five canopic jars then chanted a spell from the Book of the Dead, summoning Anck-su-Namun’s soul from the underworld. As the ceremony was about to be completed, the Pharaoh's guards interrupted it and sent her soul back to the underworld.

Imhotep’s priests were all mummified alive, while Imhotep was sentenced to immortal agony. Condemned to suffer the Hom Dai curse, his tongue was removed and he was buried alive with flesh eating scarab beetles. He was buried under high security, sealed away in a sarcophagus at the feet of a statue of the Egyptian god Anubis, and kept under strict surveillance by warriors known as the Medjai; for all humanity would be doomed should he resurface.

“… This is basically the story of The Mummy that happened several thousand years ago. Until three years ago, 1923, a unit of the French Foreign Legion accidentally found Hamunaptra. The legionnaires attempted to open up the tomb for its treasures but they encountered an army of Tuareg warriors. In the movie, only two people escaped alive from the attack. The main character of the movie, Rick O’Connell, and Beni Gabor, who was later consumed by scarabs,” Lan said.

“Then where are we now?”

This was a dimly lit concealed room. Aside from a metal window, there was nothing else. No, there was a blonde man sitting with his head down plus five black haired men and women lying on the floor.

Zero looked around and said, “This is probably a jail right? And one that was built a long time ago. Lan, were there any jails in the movie?”

Lan touched her forehead and said, “Yes. The main character O’Connell was one of the only two people that escaped from Hamunaptra. He obtained the key to Imhotep’s coffin. This key could also open the Book of the Dead and the Book of Amun-Ra, two of the most important items in the movie. However the key was stolen by the heroine’s brother, Jonathan Carnahan, when he was in a brawl in a bar. In order to search for Hamunaptra, Evelyn came to the jail to save O’Connell. We should be at a time when Evelyn is about to save O’Connell. Just like the previous movies, the movie should start when other people become aware of our existence. This blonde man is probably the main character, O’Connell.”

Zheng laughed. “It seems like we are lucky this time around. We have eleven people including the newbies, so the difficulty of this movie shouldn’t be that high. I’ve also seen The Mummy, but this isn’t really a horror movie though.”

Lan also laughed. “Yeah, this isn’t a horror movie, but even if it isn’t, as long as the movie is dangerous and has a high mortality rate, it will fit God’s criteria. So our deduction is confirmed, the movie doesn’t have to be a horror movie… Eleven man difficulty, we just have to be careful and it shouldn’t be that dangerous.”

Tengyi was very excited. “Treasures of ancient Egypt and the legendary Book of the Dead and Book of Amu-Ra! God, I can read hieroglyphics also, even though I am not fluent in them. I want to read the contents of these two books! This is amazing!”

As they were talking, Yinkong looked at her watch then said. “What does it say on the watch? It’s crammed with words…”

The others then looked at their own watch. There was no countdown this time, only words. Zheng immediately walked near the window for better lighting.

“Eliminate Imhotep! Reward each member with a rank D reward… There was also 5000 meters under it, O’Connell?” Zheng read it out.

When he read the name O’Connell, the blonde man’s body glowed.

Zheng smiled bitterly. “It seems like we are confined within a range, 5000 meters around him. Otherwise we will get erased by God… There are more words below.”

“After Imhotep is resurrected, Team India will enter this world. Killing a normal member will be rewarded 2000 points and a rank C reward, killing an unlocked member will be rewarded 7000 points and a rank B reward. Having a member killed by the other team will deduct one point, killing a member of the other team will earn one point. The final amount multiplied by 2000 will be rewarded by every remaining member.”

Everyone fell into a silence as Zheng read it. Then he turned around and looked at the five of them. No, there were also the five newbies that were getting up. He muttered. “So… we are going to encounter another team. And judging from this message, this fight… will be inevitable!”

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