Vol 4 Chapter 6-1

Vol 4: Chapter 6-1.

“Why refuse?”

“Why agree?”

The two girls asked each other loudly.

Yinkong replied calmly, “No other reason. I need to save my points for enhancements or weapons. I am not stupid enough to use them on luxuries…”

Lan said, “What do you mean luxury? We’ve been living in constant stress these days, then we come back to this never changing dimension. I am going to go crazy if it continues like this. I think it’s worth exchanging ten days of peace for a hundred points! Otherwise why do you think God gave us this option?”

Yinkong answered coldly, “I don’t know. Your willpower is too weak. Not to mention there’s already ten days of rest in God’s dimension. Even without these ten days, even when you have to keep fighting for over a month, fighting just to stay alive, that pain after you unlocked your potential… You don’t know anything!”

Lan’s face became red. She turned to Zheng and said angrily, “Hey, this is your suggestion, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Zheng replied awkwardly, “I didn’t really think much. Just that whoever wants to go can go, it’s okay to stay here if you don’t want to. For one, I activated the blood energy in The Grudge and want some extra time to master it; and two, I need to relax a bit. It helps me recover to my best condition. I don’t have any other intentions. It’s just a hundred points and ten days. If everyone wants to go, we can go together.”

Lan immediately nodded. “I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, just that I never got the chance. Since it’s only a hundred points, I still have enough after exchanging for the Endurance spell…”

Zheng couldn’t look straight at Lan. He turned around and asked the others, “What about you guys? Spend a hundred points for a break. What do you guys think?”

Zero didn’t say anything and nodded. This surprised the others. Jie laughed and said he will definitely go. Tengyi thought about it then refused. He was the weakest one among them and he had the least amount of points. So he couldn’t really afford to relax with the rest of them.

Yinkong suddenly said, “I can go along, but… Zheng, fight me again. I want to test how much stronger you are when you unlock your potential.”

Zheng didn’t know how to respond. Yinkong continued, “I know you call that unlocking genetic constraint. Any little difference in power can cause death in this world. Since we are going to encounter other teams, their teams should also have three–or used to have three–people that have unlocked their constraint. I don’t want to lose… So fight me. You should be at a very strong stage. If I don’t lose to you, then I probably won’t lose to them!”

Zheng scratched his head then smiled bitterly. “Well, I did reach a higher unlocked stage. But also because of that, it’s a little out of my control. That’s why I need some time for training. Otherwise I am also a little concerned with taking a trip. Going back to the real world last time was too abrupt… Anyway, I might not be able to control my strength.”

Yinkong said calmly, “Doesn’t matter. The key to unlocking the constraint can only be felt at the brink of death… If you are prepared, then here I come!”

Just as Zheng answered, Yinkong’s eyes lost focus and she charged towards him. This was the expression of someone unlocked their constraint. Even though she had a small figure, when she charged at Zheng he felt a pressure that was as strong as an Alien. Although she didn’t have any weapons on hand, those fingers of hers were her best weapons.

Zheng became serious. He wanted to enter the unlocked mode at his own will and not only when he was in danger. This pressure along with the fingers that were reaching for his eyes were enough to force him to enter the unlocked mode.

“This is the first stage…”

Zheng’s eyes also lost focus. Even when they were both in the unlocked mode, he had reached a deeper level than Yinkong. His speed, power and reaction were much higher than hers. Though he was weaker in his techniques, all his actions were instinctive in the unlocked mode, which helped him rival an assassin.

He blocked the fingers reaching for his eyes with his hand, then kicked at Yinkong. The moment he kicked at her, she used his hand as a support and jumped onto his leg. Then she turned around and struck at Zheng’s throat with her foot.

All this happened in an instant. Jie and Zero were the only ones that could make out what happened. That foot was already so close to his throat.

Zheng was very sensitive to danger, his body bent backward immediately and dodged the kick within two centimeters. The foot went just over his nose. Then he kicked at Yinkong who was still standing on his leg with the other leg.

His kick missed her, Yinkong had already jumped from his leg and over his head. Then she kicked toward his head. If this hit landed, it might even take his life.

“Little girl… this is the second stage!”

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