Vol 4 Chapter 5-3

Vol 4: Chapter 5-3.

Since the announcement had been made, they had no choice but to accept reality. Then they began to discuss enhancements.

Due to the amount of points and valuable ranked rewards they earned this time, everyone had the opportunity to exchange stat enhancements or a higher tier weapon. Zero naturally chose to expand his long distance sniping ability. Along with increasing his stats, he also exchanged a rank C enhancement, Druid Hawk’s Eyes.

“What’s this enhancement?” The others asked curiously.

“Druid Hawk’s Eyes, rated 68/100. Suitable for long distance sniping and movies with large battlefields. Effective against most enemies. No special effects. Enhances vision for action and perception. Requires a rank C reward and 1000 points.”

Zheng and the others nodded. Instead of choosing an all rounded enhancement, focusing on what one was best at was better for the team. Of course, choosing this path wouldn’t increase an individual’s survivability much.

“I have considered carefully. A sniper usually won’t be in a dangerous position. And I didn’t enhance my sniping ability but rather my vision. It will be useful even in regular combat. No problem,” Zero explained calmly.

As to the other assassin, Yinkong, she exchanged her enhancements without a word to the others. After she was done, a dagger in a leather sheath appeared on her hand. She unsheathed the dagger. It was burning with a light blue flame.

“Hellfire Fang! Two rank D rewards and 2000 points. Effective against spiritual beings! Can burn the souls of any organisms… A magical weapon.” Then she sheathed the dagger without taking another look at the other people.

Zheng also connected with God. He closed his eyes and began searching for a weapon suitable for him. He also chose magical weapons because of the difficulties against the ghosts. However, a blood energy spell scroll – Red Flame – grabbed his attention in the end. The description of this item was: Instruct the usage of Red Flame, requires the blood energy of a Vampire Viscount. Can burn anything, especially effective against organisms. Requires a rank C reward and 2000 points.

This was probably an enhancement belonging to the skill category. He took a look at top tier enhancements before, and some of them were skills from Wuxia. Like a QingGong that required a rank A reward and a huge amount of points. In comparison this spell was a low tier skill and it just happened to be usable by his current Vampire rank.

Zheng did some calculations. He had 4177 points and two rank C rewards. So even if he exchanged this skill, he would still have enough points for other items, like magical bullets or a better weapon. And this skill was especially effective against spiritual beings, which attracted his attention.

“Blood energy spell scroll – Red Flame!”

Once Zheng exchanged the scroll, the scroll disappeared in smoke on first contact. Instructions on how to use the spell appeared in his head. An enormous amount of information streamed into his head so suddenly that he felt it was going to burst. It took over a ten seconds to calm down. At the same time he began to organize this information.

“Channel the blood energy out of the body then imagine it becomes a blood colored flame. Control it with your mind…”

Zheng read it in his mind. The blood energy had moved from his head into every part of his body during the last movie. So it was rather easy to manipulate it now. The energy slowly surfaced on outside his body under his control then he imagined it becoming a blood colored flame…


As the others cried in surprise, Zheng opened his eyes immediately. His skin was covered in a blood colored flame. Although it was not bright, the smell of blood was intense.

Zheng became excited. He loosed his concentration and the fire faded away, and finally absorbed into his body.

Lan was the first to recover from the surprise. She ran over to Zheng and carefully looked at his body. After finding out that there were no injuries, she asked, “Zheng, what happened? Are you… alright?”

Zheng couldn’t look her straight in the eyes. He nodded then turned to the others. “Haha, sorry to worry you guys. I was testing the skill I just exchanged. It seems quite strong, but unfortunately there are no ways to test it here. We will have to wait until the next movie and test it on the monsters.”

After everyone recovered from the surprise, Zero and Yinkong were standing in the distance calmly while Jie and Tengyi ran over to him in excitement. They and Lan started asking questions about the skill, and it lessened his embarrassment when facing Lan.

Zheng explained a bit. He emphasized the skill consumes a huge amount of energy. He had spent almost a quarter of his energy just then. Just like Qi, it was a skill that should only be used in crisis.

“Everyone done with enhancements?” Zheng suddenly asked.

Jie was surprised for a bit then laughed. “Not so fast. Ranked rewards are not easy to come by. We have to think about it carefully. Why are you asking this?”

Zheng coughed and appeared a little embarrassed. “I think… ahem, why don’t we go take a break in Hawaii? Ten days, ahem, not the one in the real world but the Hawaii in the last movie. It won’t take any ranked rewards nor five times the points. It only takes ten points for a day. What do you guys think? Just take a ten day break.”

“I refuse!”


The two girls replied at the same time. Then they looked at each other. The two conflicting answers made Zheng feel even more embarrassed.

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