Vol 4 Chapter 5-1

Vol 4: Chapter 5-1.

After a wave of repairs, all six of them on the platform sighed with mixed emotions. The last hour of fighting was a roller coaster ride between life and death. The type that gave them a glimpse of hope while pushing them into hopelessness. The experience was worse than it was in Alien. Fortunately they made it back to God’s dimension alive.

Lan ran into Zheng’s arms at the first opportunity, disregarding everyone else there. Even Lori, who was also running toward Zheng. She cried out loud inside his arms. Jie immediately went over to them while laughing and hugged both of them, which made Lori feel better.

“Haha, no matter what happened, we are at least alive…” Jie laughed out loud.

It wasn’t until now that Lan let go of Zheng slightly blushing. She stood to the side and gave the spot to Lori.

Lori jumped into Zheng’s arms and kissed him as if it was revenge and declaring her property. Which made Zheng look around in embarrassment.

“… How many points did you get? We all received different amount of points.” Zero suddenly said.

Zheng immediately closed his eyes to get in contact with God. The amount of points he had shocked him, a total of 4177. He killed a newbie in the movie and that deducted 1000 points, but completing a movie rewarded 1000 also, so that evened out. Then he still received 4100 points and even two rank C rewards. That confused him quite a bit.

Zero said calmly, “I received God’s notification while I was still in the movie. It told me I eliminated a part of Ju-On and was rewarded 2300 points plus a rank C reward.”

Jie also said, “I got 1800 points and two rank D rewards.”

“1500 points and two rank D rewards.”


After going over the rewards, only Tengyi received the least, one rank D reward, even Lan got two rank D rewards. Furthermore, everyone received at least a thousand extra points. Even though this movie was dangerous, the rewards were also generous.

“But… wasn’t Zero the one that got the final blow? If it wasn’t for that snipe, we would’ve all be killed,” Zheng asked.

Lan touched her forehead and said, “Perhaps God rewards people depending on their contribution for side quests. Like even though we all attacked the Queen in Alien, but you were the only one to receive a reward. This is probably because killing the Queen is a main quest whereas the main quest in The Grudge is surviving.”

The others accepted this explanation. If it wasn’t for Zheng’s attacks in the last wave, they would have all be dead by now. So they were fine with Zheng and Zero receiving a large reward.

Since there were two new people, Jie explained to them how to use the rooms here and arranged to meet up the next day to discuss their enhancements. Then everyone aside from Tengyi went to their room. He stayed behind to create his human.

Zheng and Lori walked back to their room without a word. She said with jealousy, “Stop thinking, the big breast babe has gone back to her room and she’s not coming back… You can go over, I think she will allow you into her room…”

Zheng dazed for a bit then forced a smile. “No, that’s not what I am thinking… I am just thinking do people still have a consciousness after they’ve died? Do they hate those that are alive?”

“There are probably good ghosts. My grandma used to say to me that what goes around comes around… She also told me many stories about ghosts returning a favor.”

“Returning… a favor?” Zheng recalled Xuan’s ghost. If he didn’t block the ghosts behind Zheng, he might not have been able to last until Zero’s attack. Was this… returning a favor?

Then… have you really died? Even with that wisdom of yours… Is he really dead?

An intimate night without words. The two fell asleep after exhausting themselves. The next morning while in bed they were talking about the days in The Grudge. Lori kept asking about every details. When it got to a breathtaking part, she held her hands to her mouth and opened her eyes wide; and when it got to how Zheng almost died, she would sob in a low voice.

“Only another ten days, once ten days is over, you will have to go back into a horror movie… Pervert, you have to come back alive.”

Zheng sighed deeply. He didn’t know how to respond. He suddenly came up with an idea. “Lori, do you want to go to the beach? Of the most famous beaches in the world, want to go to one in Hawaii? We will take a ten day trip, how’s that?”

She was confused for a while, then got excited and rolled around in Zheng’s arms. She kept asking things like, “Really? Is that real?”

“Yes, not only us but everyone will come along. Ten days is only… 100 points. We can go take a break there.”

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