Vol 4 Chapter 3-3

Vol 4: Chapter 3-3.

The power of this punch could easily go through Lan’s body, but Zheng had extremely fine control over his strength in the unlocked mode. His fist barely hit the skin of Lan’s stomach. The real attack was the force field generated from the Na ring.

With a boom, they felt as if something had disappeared after the fist hit her. Lan relaxed her forehead then fell backward. Zheng got a hold of her with his left hand. Her eyes were still closed and her face was pale. Dark blood was gushing out of her nose and mouth.

“Jie! Keep an eye on the surroundings please.”

Zheng shouted then he placed Lan on the ground and stripped her clothes. To the other two men’s shock, he slashed open Lan’s stomach.

It immediately bursted out a lot of dark blood along with some fragmented pieces of flesh and internal organs. Zheng took a careful look inside it and saw that a large part of her intestines were cut off, and some other organs were also attacked. There was massive bleeding going on.

Zheng couldn’t help the other organs but he took out the hemostasis spray and stopped the bleeding on her intestines then wrapped her up around the waist with bandage. It wasn’t until all this was done did her face regained some color. But her breathing was still very weak, as if it was going to stop at any moment.

Zheng took a deep breath and stood up. Before he got to say anything, he saw the whole place was surrounded by normal people. They saw the whole process when Zheng slashed open Lan’s stomach and were standing there in terror and shock. Jie and Tengyi were looking at these people in confusion.

“What happened? Why is there suddenly so many people?” Zheng asked Jie.

Jie answered in confusion. “I don’t know. Some normal people suddenly appeared then there was more and more. There are so many now just like when it was at ten normally… Did we eliminated the Ju-On’s main body?”

Zheng placed Lan on the ground carefully. He was confused also. “It can’t be. I haven’t received any rewards… wait, do you hear anything?”

“Hear what?”

Jie and Tengyi listened carefully, but aside from the noise from the crowd, there was no other sound. As they were about to ask Zheng, they suddenly heard the kakaka sound coming from the crowd. This sound was getting louder and louder then a huge pale woman stood up from the center of the crowd.

“Ah!” Tengyi yelled from the scene. Zheng and Jie immediately fired at the woman.

It seemed like the crowd didn’t notice the woman. They started panicking when Zheng and Jie pointed the guns at them, and anyone that touched the huge woman fell to the ground unconscious. Yet the normal people didn’t seem to be able to see her. As more and more people fell to the ground, the crowd was getting into a chaos.

That huge woman was over ten meters tall. She started crawling toward Zheng’s group swiftly. As she was getting closer and closer, suddenly a bullet shot through her head from above with a loud bang. The bullet crushed her head and even several normal people on the way then went into the ground. Those normal people died instantly.

Zheng clenched his teeth. “Attack! Ignore the normal people. She’s still growing. It seems like she can absorb the souls of the people she’s killed. Attack! It’s better if we can also scare these people away!” Then he pulled the trigger on the submachine gun.

Jie and Tengyi also started firing their guns. Yet, this huge ghost kept recovering the damage by gathering up like fog. Only the first shot from the Gauss sniping rifle dealt huge damage to her. The magical bullets from the submachine guns barely had any effect. She quickly recovered then started crawling at them again.

Yet another loud bang. The sniper shot crushed her whole leg this time. She was only seven meters away from the four of them.

“Tengyi! Carry Lan and run away! Run as far as you can and don’t attack her! Jie, drive away all the normal people… or kill them! If the police come, do you best to hold them off… It’s 11pm. Just one more hour, just one more hour and we can go back to God’s dimension! Don’t die!”

Zheng quickly assigned everyone’s responsibilities then he sprinted toward the ghost. He raised his left hand and struck the ghost’s other leg while her mobility was still impaired. The Na ring was such an amazing counter to spiritual beings. His punch dispersed the ghost’s leg immediately. It was so much more powerful than magical bullets.

Then he sprayed the ghost’s body with the gun as he ran around her. The ghost tried to catch him with her arms but those movements seemed so slow in Zheng’s eyes. He just had to be careful and not get caught, the ghost couldn’t do anything to him.

Another loud bang, the sniper shot struck again and crushed the ghost’s head. Zheng made use of the opportunity and dispersed the ghost’s left arm completely. She seemed to be unable to attack anymore. They just had to hang in there a little longer, there was even a possibility of eliminating the ghost.

‘We can win! We can definitely win… uh?’

As Zheng was about to use another attack with the ring, a pale hand suddenly extended out from his back, while simultaneously the woman’s head extended out from his shoulder. His whole body was already unable to move by the time he sensed the danger. All his stamina and Qi was absorbed by that hand… His body was gradually turning pale. His gun fell out his hand to the ground.

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