Vol 4 Chapter 3-1

Vol 4: Chapter 3-1.

The knife’s sharpness was unparalleled. It sliced the wall all the way as they fell. When they got to the sixth floor, the knife finally stopped its vibration. But the inertia still kept them going down. Zheng’s arm absorbed the force that was generated by the sudden drop in speed.

Even his mutated arm was almost not enough to sustain this force. He felt pain from his arm along with the sound of muscle and bones pulling apart. It was as if his whole arm was pulled off. But being in the unlocked mode allowed him to suppress the pain signals instantly.


Zheng pulled out the knife, shook it and immediately stabbed it back in the wall. Then he and Lan continued falling as the knife regained its vibration…

When they got to second floor, the vibration stopped again. Zheng pulled out the knife and jumped down. His landing generated two cracks on the concrete ground. Then he sprinted toward the car he used to get there.

Numerous ghosts closed in from all sides. Zheng sprayed them with the gun as he ran. His right arm had returned to normal but it was red and swelling, and a lot of the blood vessels were broken.

“Lan! Can you drive? Can your arms and legs move?” Zheng shouted when he got the chance.

Lan also shouted in reply. “Probably, but I don’t have any energy to step on the gas pedal.”

“Good! I’ll leave the driving to you!”

Zheng got to the car and emptied his gun. He carried Lan inside then took off the bulletproof vest at once. He stepped on the gas pedal and shouted. “Hurry! Take control of the wheel!”

Lan immediately held onto the wheel with both hands. The car started driving along the road. She was sitting on Zheng’s laps like a little girl. Before she had the chance to think of anything strange, Zheng started trembling violently. It was trembling from extreme pain, the pain that came after unlocking the constraint.

A minute later, Zheng began calming down from the pain. He exhaled and said. “We were lucky. We escaped before my unlocked state ended. Lan, how did you suddenly get to Sunlight Hotel?”

Lan moved a bit from unease. “I don’t know. I was sleeping then suddenly a large door appeared in my dream. I opened it then walked inside. When I woke up, I was already in that room.” She began sobbing as she said this.

“… I’m sorry. I almost got you killed back there…”

Zheng smiled tenderly. As he was about to comfort her, his expression changed. He turned around and saw a crowd of ghosts following behind the car. They were crawling faster than the car was moving.

“What’s wrong? What’s there behind?” Lan felt Zheng turned his body then asked.

Zheng immediately took out a magazine from the ring and put it in his gun. “Focus on driving. We just have to get back to the park. Jie and the others are waiting there. We will have enough firepower to kill all these ghosts!”

The ghosts in the front were getting so close the car. At the same time the park also came into view. Zheng said, “Don’t stop! Drive into the pedestrian street. They will open fire when they see these ghosts. Then we will stop.”

It was almost 10pm, yet there were no one in the park, not even the patrols. Zheng also just realized there were no other cars on the whole way they were driving. Did everyone disappear when the ghosts attacked?

As he was thinking, gunshots came from the other side of the park. When he carried Lan out of the car, he saw Jie was standing there with a heavy machine gun.

Jie looked excited as he sprayed at the ghosts. Tengyi was also looking fanatical as he was holding on the ammunition belt for the machine gun.

“Shit, this feels so good. We were getting scared by these ghosts the whole time. It’s so satisfying killing them!” Jie shouted as he looked at those ghosts.

The ghosts couldn’t get near them under this firepower. They also returned to their normal crawling speed once Zheng got off the car. When the machine gun ran out of ammunition, there were only a hundred ghosts left.

Zheng and the others finished these hundred ghosts with ease. Then they let out a sigh of relief. Even though they had a machine gun, the amount of ghosts still looked horrifying. They wouldn’t have enough to take each ghost apart if they didn’t have the magical bullets.

“Wow you guys, where did you attract so many of them from?” Jie let out a sigh of relief and asked.

Zheng and Lan forced a smile but before they get to answer, the area in front of them lit up. A series of shoji appeared, and a man and woman were quarreling behind the shoji.

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