Vol 4 Chapter 2-2

Vol 4: Chapter 2-2.

Zheng turned off the device and said to them hurriedly, “Zero, Yinkong, wait at the sniping spot on the roof. We will communicate through the device. Don’t shoot until I say so. The ghost’s next wave will attack the one who attacked it… Jie and Tengyi, you guys wait here. If the ghost follows me, please open fire…” Then he ran outside the park.

Jie shouted at him, “Zheng! Where are you going?”

“To keep my promise! And… to save our team!”

A team existed because it had the ability to unite people with common interests. Their current common interest was to survive with the help of each other. This was one of the most powerful common interests, but it was his promise to never leave anyone behind that bound them together. Even without this promise… he would still go. Otherwise this team would cease to exist and… he would live under Xuan’s shadow!

The way to Sunlight Hotel from the park wasn’t far. Though it would still take a few minutes if he were to run there. Zheng’s thoughts became clearer as the situation got more urgent. He didn’t see any taxis on the road so he stepped in front of a car passing by. As the car was going to hit him, he jumped straight into the driver’s seat.

The owner of the car was shocked that someone suddenly ran out from the side. He immediately stepped on the brake but the car still moved forward due to inertia. Then the front window shattered and the owner fainted from the impact.

He only felt a little dizzy from the intense impact. After a few deep breaths, he refreshed himself. He pushed the owner out the car and apologized. Then closed the door and flew to the hotel.

“Lan, what’s the situation? Don’t cry, tell me the current situation!” Zheng stepped on the gas pedal and shouted to the communication device.

Lan slowly stopped crying and muttered. “I haven’t seen the ghost yet. The charm is burning slow but if I approach the door it will burn out very fast. I only have four charms left, I can’t get near the door anymore… Zheng, what is that sound, are you driving?”

“Rest assured, I will be at the hotel within two minutes! Wait for me no matter what!”

“No! I won’t allow you to come here! Please don’t come, the Ju-On will kill you… Please, no one will remember you. If you died, the people who love you will be sad… Lori will be so sad.” Lan suddenly got emotional, her voice was almost shouting.

Zheng was quiet for a bit then said, “This is the promise I made to you… I also promised Lori. I won’t die no matter what, I will survive… I will keep my promises, so I will definitely live!”

With a squeak, the car slid on the road for over ten meters then stopped. Zheng kicked open the door and sprinted toward the hotel. He was inside the hotel before the receptionist could react.

Zheng ran up through the stairs. His speed was very fast already but he still heard Lan’s cry through the device, “No more charms!” Followed by gunshots from upstairs.

‘Speed! Speed!’

Zheng screamed silently in his mind. He desperately recalled the feeling he had when he unlocked his genetic constraint. After some time, he felt something within him unlock. This was the first time he tried to unlock it when there weren’t any immediate danger… and he succeeded!

Yet it came with a price. Zheng spit out several gulps of blood. It felt worse than dying, his muscles were convulsing and cramping, he felt as if a hand was stirring in his stomach, and his bones were crackling. If his charms weren’t still intact, he would have thought the ghost had attacked him.

Along with the pain was a sensation of power even greater than the previous times he had unlocked the constraint. The countless fighting instincts, the ability to sense danger, and the techniques to use his strength made him feel so powerful.

If someone was to see Zheng’s movements right now, they would be scared. Because he was running on all fours on the wall. His speed was so fast that it kept him on the wall without falling… just like a beast.


Zheng screamed as he got to the floor Lan was on. At the same time, the charm in his pocket started to burn. It was burning faster and faster as he moved closer to Lan. Then he saw the suite with an opened door.

The situation inside enraged him. Lan was standing there shivering. A pale white hand reached out from behind her and grabbed her neck. Then a woman’s head appeared next to her shoulder.

Zheng sprinted over to Lan and placed a charm on her face. That pale woman fell back while making the kakaka sounds as if she just got burned. Once she got away from Lan, Zheng took out his submachine gun and sprayed at her. The woman was laughing hideously as the magical bullets dispersed her.

Lan fell on the ground once the ghost got away from her. Then her body started trembling. The charm on her face was burning even faster. It only took a moment for the whole charm to finish burning. But the paleness on her face gradually subsided and blood started to come back.

“The second…” Lan tried to open her mouth. But she was so weak right now that her voice was barely audible.

Fortunately Zheng was in the unlocked state and could hear her voice. He held onto her while he took out his last charm and placed it on her face. He asked in a hurry. “Second what?”

“The second… that’s the second wave…”

The second wave, then the third wave is also going to be from behind?

Zheng’s eyes became sharp. He put down Lan and ran to the nearest wall. He ran up to the wall as that feeling of danger swept at him. Then a pale hand appeared from behind his neck but before the hand could reach him, he turned himself around in midair and punched at it… using the hand that was wearing the Na ring. He channeled his Qi to the ring and the punch went straight through the woman. The invisible field surrounding the ring was like acid. The woman immediately disappeared once the field touched her.

“This is the third wave. Then the fourth wave… getting attacked by a lot of ghosts?”

Zheng immediately ran over to Lan after he landed on the floor. Just as he brought her into his arms, the kakaka sounds came from every direction, like several hundred ghosts were making these creepy sounds nonstop. The feeling of danger reached its extreme. It was a sense of terror like Death was looming in.

The first pale form reached in from the door. A pale woman with a twisted body crawled in on the wall. Then there was a second, and third…

Zheng started spraying with his gun. Even though the gun wasn’t too powerful, it was fast and could carry a fair amount of bullets at a time. After killing off ten women, a sense of danger came from behind. He turned around just to see more arms were crawling up from the windows. He ran over to the window after shooting them off then he suddenly calmed down when he looked out the window.

The roads outside the hotel were packed with these pale women. There were almost a thousand from what he could see and who knew how many more beyond the roads. There deaths were only a matter of time…

“Lan, do you believe in me? Even if it looks like death…”

Lan had recovered a bit of energy. She nodded lightly and said, “Yes. Even if you want me to die… I will still believe you.”


Zheng wrapped Lan inside his bulletproof vest… Just like that time he carried Lori. They were held together tightly.

“Hold onto me! Believe me… we will survive no matter what!”

Then Zheng screamed in pain. To Lan’s shock, his right arm started to enlarge in visible speed. It looked three times as thick as a normal person’s arm. The puffed muscle felt like a mutated organism.

“So this is the second stage of the unlocked mode… Hold on to me! Lan!”

Zheng held onto her with his left hand, and onto the progressive knife with his mutated right hand. He shattered the window with a kick then jumped down the hotel. It was the twelfth floor of the Sunlight Hotel…


Right as Zheng jumped out, he stabbed the knife into the wall. The two of them started falling rapidly along with the split on the wall caused by the knife.

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