Vol 3 Chapter 6-1

Vol 3: Chapter 6-1.

As the four returned to the hotel, the situation inside the suite shocked them before they had a chance to announce the good news.

When they opened the door–inside the same suite Zheng stayed in the night before–they heard the screams of two men.

“Don’t, don’t come over! Gun, right, I have a gun…” This was Renjia’s voice.

“Don’t drag me inside. I didn’t see anything. Don’t drag me in…” This was Ding’s sobbing.

All the lights were turned on, the TV was also on and at maximum volume. Fortunately, the room had good soundproofing and didn’t attract any employees over. The two young men were sitting together in the center of the carpet. One of them pointed a gun at the door with a pair of trembling hands.

Zheng and Jie sprinted toward him at the same time and grabbed the gun before he could fire it.

It wasn’t until now that the two young men realized who these four people were. Renjia grabbed Zheng’s leg and started crying while Ding curled up on the floor.

Zheng and the other three looked at each other. They had a bad feeling about this. Zheng helped Renjia stand up and asked. “What happened? Where is Bingyi? And Yanwei? Why are you two the only ones here? What happened?”

“No use asking them, they became retarded from the scare.”

Yanwei’s voice came from the side. They turned around and saw her dressed in lingerie leaning on a bedroom door.

She looked like she had makeup on. She laughed and said, “These three idiots couldn’t hold it when they were peeking at me trying on clothes, and went to the toilet. But there were gunshots shortly after and these two came back out from the toilet. Ha, and they said they were going to protect me. Men will always leave the women behind and run away from danger, no matter what that danger is. Haha…”

Her words seemed to indicate more than this, yet they didn’t have the time to think. Lan took a look at Yanwei while the other three started asking the young men questions. Yet, aside from crying, they couldn’t spit out a logical sentence. Then the door was opened once again. Yinkong walked in slowly with that book in her hand.

“Interesting ways of dying. There are new ways of dying on the police network. A young man was found inside the water pipes of a toilet in a mall. His whole body was squeezed inside a pipe just over ten centimeters wide. They couldn’t even make out that was a human when they took him out. I really want to see how it looks.”

She sat down on the sofa and said all that ignoring the people in the room. When she got to the last line there was a bloodlust-filled smile on her face.

“They found four more bodies. One was separated into several hundred pieces, every piece was the size of a fingernail. It looked like a bomb exploded from inside his body but they did not find any explosives on the flesh. Two died from bloating. The forensic examiners found all their internal organs aside from their stomachs had disappeared. These organs went inside the stomach of the other person. And the last one…”

“That’s enough!” Zheng lifted Yinkong and shouted. “Why are you saying this in such details? You want us to lose our confidence and morale? You think a bunch of people that have given up can last through these seven days?”

Her eyes became sharp and said in a cold tone, “Let go of me… I say what I like. Joining this team doesn’t mean that I acknowledge you. To me, Zero is the only one qualified to be my teammate, you’re all…”

Before Zheng could reply, he felt pain on his wrist and blood gushed out. Her little hand was as sharp as a knife. It easily sliced Zheng’s wrist. She then stepped closer to him and her hand aimed at the artery on his neck.

Zheng threw her upward and at the same time kicked on her belly. She got knocked away to the wall, but jumped right back at Zheng even faster with her hand aiming at his heart.

‘This, this feeling?!’

Zheng had taken out the progressive knife by this time. He went into the unlocked state. The sense of danger let him know that the girl in front of him was in the same unlocked state!

As his knife and her hand were about to hit each other, they both jumped back. Their senses toward danger were extremely sensitive during this state, and instantly a bullet passed between them. When they looked toward the door, Zero was standing there holding a gun on his hand.

Yinkong exited from the unlocked state. She picked up the book she dropped and returned to the sofa then said emotionlessly, “Including you, I acknowledge two people in this team…”

Zheng didn’t exit the state and replied coldly, “These same f*cking words, who do you think you are? Why does everyone in this team need your acknowledgment? One Xuan was enough, I don’t want to see people backstabbing teammates! Either you leave or treat everyone sincerely. If you think your power lets you stand above everyone else, I will kill you now!”

The submachine gun appeared in his left hand. “I am serious, don’t assume I am joking!”

She said without raising her head, “No problem, you’re the leader. If I am not satisfied with your performance, I will challenge and kill you. Before that happens, your words are orders… Continuing the previous topic, there was one more person who died. In other words, five people died today. One from our group and four from theirs.”

Zheng finally exited his unlocked state. He sat down beside Jie, and Zero also came over to him. With these two people guarding him, he said, “So they only have three newbies left… and Xuan?”

Yinkong didn’t reply but Lan laughed. “With this speed, we have no chance of lasting through seven days. Should we get in touch with Xuan?”

“No.” Zheng gritted his teeth. His body started trembling, this was the after effect of unlocking the genetic constraint. He had to experience this immense pain every time. It took almost a minute for him to calm down. As to Yinkong, she didn’t exhibit anything unusual aside from a bit of sweat.

Zheng wiped away the sweat on his head. “If he wants to get in touch with us… he will do it. If he sincerely wants to get back into the team, as long as he gets rid of those thoughts, we will…”

The newbies, who weren’t familiar with Xuan, were indifferent toward his words; but Jie and the other veterans sighed. Then Tengyi started to explain the background of the scriptures excitedly. Zero and Yinkong were surprised to see the scriptures. They never expected the temples to be of any help. At first they were still suspicious. It wasn’t until after touching the scripture and experiencing the warmth that they believed in it.

Tengyi was talking nonstop. He looked the lively type of person. “You didn’t see it. We were attacked by the little boy’s ghost but once we stepped inside the main gate, the ghost went away. Haha. It seems like we can definitely survive these seven days with the scriptures.”

After a discussion, they decided to guard the scriptures in groups of threes while the other six people take naps in turns. The three girls formed a team and the other two groups were decided randomly. Zheng, Jie, and Zero formed a team, Tengyi and the two college students in the remaining team. Each group would guard the scriptures for three hours every night from now on.

Even though Yinkong disliked this arrangement, she followed her words from before and accepted living in this suite with the other two girls.

Everything seemed perfect but they didn’t notice the two college students who looked each other in the eye, nor Yanwei who stared at them with a smile.

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