Vol 23 Chapter 9-2: The Unspeakable Secret(II)

The rainstorm remained. However, the lightning was gone, which meant that God’s air restrictions were gone. Not discussing whether the removal of the restrictions were man-made or natural, it anyways meant that the various teams’ individual flying equipment was now usable. In other words, the greatest obstruction to the teams’ speed was gone and the distances within the city was no longer a large issue and the road to the Umbrella Corporation building was now open for the teams.

“Let’s go! We’ll go this very night! Although I don’t know what happened, this is the best chance to go to the Umbrella Corporation building now that the lightning is gone.” In the basement team Africa was in, Neos was frowning as he spoke to his team.

A difficult to describe fluctuation had just burst out through the city not long before. It was a fluctuation that was sensed deep within the soul. If...

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