Vol 23 Chapter 9-1: The Unspeakable Secret(I)

The powerhouses in the city all had their own reactions as Gando and Luo Yinglong began their battle. It was a sort of resonance between Lights of the Soul that let those far away sense something.

“Borrowing the force of the heavens and earth! Eight Trigrams form!”

“Thunder! Bolt!”

Luo Yinglong’s hands gave a wave. The Eight Trigrams formation spun faster and several streaks of lightning that flashed past were pulled in, disappearing from the skies.

What immediately spurted out was the lightning gathering below the formation. It was like a laser cannon that had been charging had spat out a serpent of light. Several seconds later, a pillar of lightning shot out from that formation. The speed was incredibly fast. All those present could only feel the world lighting up, and before they recovered, that laser-like lightning descended, enveloping the Unit-01 within.

“Thunder Dragon Rum...

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