Vol 23 Chapter 8-3: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(III)

Luo Yinglong was both anxious and angry in his heart. He was anxious because he had some urgent things to tell Xuan, while he didn't know how to broach the topic. He was angry because he had consumed a significant amount of Refined Qi and vitality to divine team China’s position. Who knew a fellow from team Devil would suddenly appear to fight. Wasn't his Refined Qi and vitality wasted if so? He grit his teeth, disregarding what Gando said. He just put his hands together to form a seal as he stepped forward with a majestic air.

“Borrowing the force of heaven and earth! Eight Trigrams form!”

“Water! Floods!”

As his hands came together, a continuously revolving Eight Trigrams formation diagram appeared in the sky. At the same moment it appeared, the surrounding...

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