Vol 23 Chapter 7-4: Gather, Raccoon City!(IV)

“We’ll rest here for today. Looks like God indeed gave this movie huge restrictions. Even this sort of weather appeared.”

At one of Raccoon City’s outer regions, team Africa was resting there. They had entered Raccoon City that day. It wasn’t possible that they would choose to walk to the city’s centre considering that they had individual flying equipment. Just as they were planning to fly in, a rainstorm had come. The fierce lightning falling had unquestionably sealed off the air route. It was alright to have a go at it if you weren’t afraid of dying. Lightning was particularly sensitive to metal after all, so flying up at this time was really seeking death.

Neos had a complicated expression as he stood at the entrance to the basement as he watched that falling rainstorm, as well as that purple lightning continuously criss-crossing the sky. He felt both delightedness and helplessness in his heart.

On one hand, although all the teams would have their rate of advance reduced by this rainstorm, it would slow down their own team as well, rendering their individual flying equipment useless....

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