Vol 23 Chapter 7-2: Gather, Raccoon City!(II)

Raccoon City wasn't hard to find. As ground zero of the biological crisis, a majority of Americans knew of this originally unknown city. Of course, that referred to those still alive. Those dead couldn't open their mouths even if they knew. Not all teams were good-for-nothings or idiots, with some elites naturally among them. They knew who to ask and what to ask, and could roughly guess that the clue about the Seventh Underground Laboratory was related to Resident Evil and Resident Evil Apocalypse.

This was especially with team China continuously adding fuel to the fire. There were about seven or eight teams advancing to Raccoon City except for those incredibly weak teams. The first team to reach wasn't team Celestial, team Devil or team China, but an obscure team named team North Sea. They didn't have too many members, only nine. It was completely because they were very close to Raccoon City. They drove a car over to the...

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