Vol 23 Chapter 6-4: The Limitless War of Wits(IV)

Everyone exchanged a look. Apart from the two rookies and Anck-Su-Namun who paled, everyone else was more unperturbed. Zheng looked at everyone, sighing. “I’ll deploy the team. We need to split into two squads to initiate the plan.”

“...And that’s the deployment of the two squads. Also, this is the item I exchanged using the points and ranked rewards from killing gods and demons in Lord of the Rings, the Pirate Crew’s Rope. Before, i already had the feeling we’ll split up. However, team Devil may have clones of us, and other teams may have exceptionally strong psyche force users. This Pirate Crew’s Rope is important for distinguishing between real and fake.”

Zheng suddenly took out many white coloured ropes from his Na Ring....

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